Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving Poem

I was inspired by Marcia's Blog to write a little poetic post for today!

Irving Avenue Thanksgiving
This year our celebration's low key
We're not travling on this day
potatos, stuffing, beans and turkey
(I can get more knit that way!)

Most food's been cooked the night before
Except the bird and dressing
The turkey went in around 4:00
(Pop up timers are a blessing.)

It's just DH, two kids and me
(We'll visit friends tonight for pie)
Two cats, a dog - small family.
Plus nine relieved guppies much too small to fry.

I cook, Hubbie cleans -
A match made in heaven.
Hannah helps, Max plays,
(She's a good cook for seven)

"I can help with the food!
- after the parade.."
Cuddled in bed with dad
the girl has it made!

The bird smells divine,
Covered in cheesecloth,
Basted in butter and wine
What magnificent broth!

One cat stole the gizzard
Frying up in the pan
Oh, well - it's Thanksgiving
Butkis gets what he can!

Gigi the kitten's
Watching "Kitty TV"
Birds flock to the seed bell
Hung outside on a tree.

Atticus, our large poodle
Grabs what he's able
Hoping our food'll
Drop free from the table.

Later we'll watch TV
The Westminster Dog Show
Atticus dreams
Of the day that he'll go!

I dare anyone to set THAT to music!
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