Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Final Words On The Issue

This is the last I'll post about the dredded CC issue on my blog.

I know that in this situation I was a kind as I could be, I tried to be fair and also handle it with a bit of humor. If others see it differently then I'm open to hearing their opinion. However, I don't think it's ever helpful to write nasty things about ANYONE - Melissa, myself, or any person. I don't believe I did that. The folks who are reacting from their gut are understandable. However, I am not responsible for the anger of their words. Nastiness clouds the issue and creates new complications.

I try to be as encouraging as I can be to new designers, but feel that it's imperative that we, as designers, take ourselves - and by extension our intellectual property - seriously. Not in a legalistic sense as much as in a humanistic sense.

Some of the criticism stings, but after the past few years I've had NO mere words can really hurt me deeply. But I do hear it, and try to use it to evaluate my actions.

If knitting can't teach us equanimity and a bit of patience, then what good is it?

And, when all the dust settles, we need to remember that we are all imperfect humans who are graced with the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. To deny mistakes are made is to harden ourselves and close our minds.

My blog has evolved into a 'window into the life of a working hand-knit designer.' I've heard from MANY knitters and designers who've written to say it's been a help to them. They enjoy feeling less "alone" in the sometimes isolated world of knit design. I intend to continue in this vein. I intend to try to present "dialogue, not diatribe" (to quote a local NYC radio host) on issues that are important to hand knit designers.

And also to talk about my kids.

Moving On

Last night was the last session of my Beginning Knitting class. The students were amazing - really great knitters. One of my 'beginning' students is actually tackling the Alison Scarf (pdf file link) and she's doing it beautifully! The students who were here have asked me to add a "Goal Oriented Knitting" class after the new year so they can continue with their projects. I think I'll do it. It will be a Tuesday evening class where folks can bring the projects they're working on or start a new one and I'll guide them through it and help them with tricky steps. Ideally a few students will finish items before the end of class so we can spend some time focusing on finishing techniques.

I'm sending out a project and an article today to Cast On. I had submitted a design for a lace edged surplice top, and after it was accepted I proposed an idea for an article explaining how to take an existing lace motif and turn it into a lace edging. The proposal was accepted, and I'm excited to see a piece of mine and a related article together in a magazine - what a nice fit!

I have a few pieces to finish up for another deadline on 12/19, but before that I have design submission deadlines on 12/15! Yikes! I've set aside some time to concentrate on my submissions, but it always seems like I never have enough time to really let my mind BREATHE for a spell before submitting. I've noticed this week, though, that the most energizing thing for me - the thing that charges my design batteries better than any spa visit, is teaching a class of striving students. I really love that!

Tonight's a pot-luck goodbye dinner for Hannah's class student teacher. She's been phenomenal and it's a rotton time for our oven to stop working (goodbye easy to make cassarole...) If anyone has a simple one-dish stove-top pot luck type recipe I'd love to try it!
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