Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Flu..! (Or an amazing simulation...?)

I don't know what I have, it's been creeping along, mostly an annoyance and an energy stealer, but yesterday and today it's tightened it's grip on my chest and nose (and, oddly, ear) with aches, pains and pounding headache. And a fever. So I guess I have this thing - whatever it is - that's been going around. Bed for me, and fluids and maybe some sitting up and knitting.

My cousin, a nurse, seems to have the same thing and she says the only thing that works for her is OTC meds and bedrest. (Could I have gotten it from her in WV? It seems I've had something for most of December - I wonder if they've joined forces or if one actually usurped the other...? Hey, I'm delerious!)

I've been using my asthma inhaler more than I probably should.

Anyway, this seals the fate of the Vogue and FCEK submissions. They'll be emailed this time instead of sent by snail mail. I would have to have then in the mail by this afternoon for them to get in my Friday. I have a sneaking suspicion that "real" submissions are given more weight and consideration than ones that are emailed in, I know if I were an editor I might be more inclined to like a design if I could feel the swatch. I'll have to risk it. I'm very excited about the designs I'm sending in (and about the yarns I'm using). Maybe if I feel better by Friday I'll take them into NYC myself..?

Right now I'm bumming that if I stay this ill I'll miss my neighbor's party tonight. They always throw such a GREAT shindig - lots of music, drumming, dancing and the kids run wild in the rumpus-room basement of their great, lovely home. I could drag myself, but then I'd be responsible for infecting all of the other guests and would become known as Typhoid Annie in the 'hood. Sorry, the Old Navy ads have gotten to me. I've got Li'l Kim stuck in my brain, and it's NOT pleasant!

Happy New Year to my Austrailian Friends - Happy New Year's Eve to my US friends. What's it doing in England right now? Delerious, I tells ya!
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