Thursday, December 11, 2003

What a Sweet Punim*!

Yes, he's lost a tooth! He's too young! - I'm not ready for this! My baby is losing his baby teeth!! Max, stop growing up (okay, keep growing up, but just do it slower...)

Last night the potluck dinner for Hannah's student teacher was very nice - good to see the other parents, good to see how cooperative Hannah's class is! I LOVE her teacher so much (Mrs. Y), and we'll miss her student teacher (Mrs. N). Hannah's been lucky this year. It's always such a crap shoot as to whether they'll get a teacher that's a good fit for them. We hit the jackpot this year!

I'm going to take one more day to smooth out my submissions to IK, then mail them off tomorrow. It's a grey, foggy and rainy day here in NJ, so it's a good day to get a buttload of knitting, swatching, sketching and presentation-assembling done! This is sometimes hard for me to justify (after all, I may send in all this stuff and not sell a thing, meaning I've sort of wasted my time)

But it's NOT a waste. I've learned that a good design idea is a good design idea, whether anyone buys it or not, and it's just a matter of finding the right 'fit' between pattern and venue. I'll need to take this time to collect my design ideas anyway, and sometimes it's good to have a deadline to compell me to put down the knitting long enough to sketch!

Punim: Yiddish for face, usually a sweet little juicy baby face!
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