Monday, December 08, 2003

Which Twin Has The Toni?

The one on the top is in the new issue of Knitty. The one on the bottom is a hat I designed two years ago, have published on my blog, have shown in many of my classes and for which I sell a kit on my website.

I don't for a moment think that Melissa Walters "stole" my idea (I love her blog and read it frequently) I'm sure that she came up with the design independently, and it's not uncommon for several designers to have the same brainstorm when they play with a yarn. And, let's face it, a 'coonskin cap is a no-brainer when faced with a raccoon-type yarn!

But it's not about theft, it's about due dilligence. A google search for "knit coonskin cap"* displays my pattern as item #4. An additional search for "knit raccoon hat" or "knit coonskin hat" also turn up my name and a link to my pattern.

Ironically, I'm currently working with Amy on a Sandesgarn Funny faux fur piece for the book she's putting together for a book packager. I think all of the designers are getting paid about the same but I'm doing it because the design's already out there and I really like Knitty! (In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I had been approached by the same book packager last year, but it wasn't a good fit between me and the designs they were looking for - Knitty is a MUCH better fit for the project!)

I love knitty - I think it's a huge knit-enhancing entity and I'm SO glad it's here - but with a little more free-flow of ideas this kind of oversight wouldn't happen. Somtimes there's so much SECRECY about this stuff. I get a little turned off when I visit someone's blog and there's a breathless I've-got-a-secret-and-it's-so-cool-but-I-can't-tell-you buzz about an item in knitty.

Folks, it's knitting, not espionage.

Like I said - I LOVE knitty - but f'heaven's sake I write about MY upcoming designs on this blog (not with full images and charts, etc., but I do discuss inspiration, yarn choices, etc.) A little healthy give-and-take is not a bad thing. Ironically, I'd thought about submitting this hat design to knitty but thought that since I'd already published it for sale it wouldn't be kosher.

But, sadly, what this really points out is that my patterns aren't all that well known out there in the real world! Hmmm, I wonder if Knitty'd put a link to my kit on that pattern...?

I think Melissa's made a cute hat! It's a great photograph and an adorable model. It's a nice simple pattern - perfect for a weekend knit-up. (And if you want to buy a kit, the pattern I sell is in several adult and child sizes, and is available at slightly less than retail...)

But - in all honesty - why buy a pattern when you can get one on the internet for free?

The readership of knitty is much larger than my own readership, so the sad fact is that most folks who eventually see my hat will conclude that my design is a derivation of Melissa's. That smarts a little.

*I realize that one might not automatically think "coonskin cap" when they see this hat (unless they remember that these hats were made wildly popular by the Davy Crockett TV show in the 1950's and were called, universally, 'coonskin caps - but then I may be a trifle older than the average knitty reader...)


Modesitt Tartan Technique

After reading the Girl from Auntie's excellent post about copyright, invention, unvention and subjugation, I have decided to make this technique, which I may or may not have invented, public. I like to call it the Modesitt Tartan Technique, but you can call it whatever you want! It involves using slipped stitches on double pointed needles to make a plaid. Here's a link to a chart of this technique. Let me know if anyone else has seen this!

Four Row Repeat over an even number of sts on dpns or circs
work 2 rows on RS, then 2 rows on WS
Row 1 (RS): With MC, knit. Slip work back toward right point of dpn.
Row 2 (RS): With CC, [K1, sl1] repeat
Row 3 (WS): With MC, purl. Slip work back toward right point of dpn.
Row 4 (WS): With CC [p1, sl1]

The plaid comes from adding color bands to rows 1 & 3 - ie,
Row 1 (RS): K6 in A, k6 in B, k6 in C
Row 3 (WS): P6 in C, p6 in B, p6 in A


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