Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Back to School!

Well, the kids are FINALLY going back to school today! Last week they only attended school TWO days, Monday was a teacher prep day, Thursday and Friday were weather days, so today Hannah got up on the bus for the first time since last Wednesday. Whew!

I love having them home, but yesterday two other moms and I got together and we were all in agreement that many more days with the kids home, and the weather too cold for them to play outside for very long, would be the cause of some VERY raw nerves. Coming so soon after the extended Holiday break made it a bit more nervewracking.

Coming during a crunch period for me (several projects "due" this week) this extended home time made it impossibly difficult to get more than a few rows knit at any time. Now I will knit like the wind! Just as soon as I salt the front walkway so we don't get sued by any Seton Hall students as they walk to the University.
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