Monday, January 26, 2004

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Rrrrrrr

Superfluous comment, I know.

I've never been so cold in my life (inside of a house.) And our house is actually pretty WARM (thank heaven we had new windows installed a few years ago - WHAT a difference that made!)

But the collective weeks upon weeks of bone chilling cold that we're feeling, it gets to you. Not that I don't like it - I'll take cold weather on top of hot, hot weather anyday. But today I'd like to take a flight to the Keys, thank you, for some snorkling at John Pennecamp park, some boiled shrimp and a six-pack while swinging on a hammock in the sunset. Hmmmm - I could probably get a cheap flight - let me do the math...

Okay, daydream is over. Back to knitting!

I finished a scarf for that film - let's see today if the designer likes it! If so, I'll be doing several more, which is always a smile (and better money that the usual knitting fare...)

My new class that started on Saturday is wonderful - a really great group of women and we had such a great time! I found myself telling a potential student, "Yeah, private lessons are great and you'll learn a lot, but if you're in one of my group classes you'll have more fun..." Now that's what I call great sales(wo)manship!

I finished a project for a brand-new-yet-unveiled online knitting 'zine from England with a heavy emphasis on the Rowan Yarns (at least my project is Rowan...) I haven't seen much of the other projects, but I have a lot of faith in Kerrie, the knit-diva putting it together, and think it will be a wonderful addition to the online knitting community!

Here's a little taste of my own project...

It's going to be an amazing Spring project, good for office or for party-ing! And I think it will look HOT on a variety of body shapes and sizes! (and couldn't we all use a little heat right about now? Nothing like an Emma Peel-esque zipper to allow a woman to let off a little steam!
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