Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I Rock!

It occured to me that the rockers I love the best are the ones I grew up listening to, which is kind of sad and kind of nice. Love Elvis (C) and Chrissy (H) - loves em.

Well, I have to add a new band - Bubble - because I got the greatest letter from this rocker who, after reading the S&B book, went through the highs and lows of thinking her knitting was "wrong" and then discovering my Combination page by reading my bio in the book and learning that she's not wrong at all, dear, just different!

The letters I get from combination knitters who feel legitimized after perusing my site are definitely the high point of my day - they make me so happy that I put the site up, and so proud of them for perservering against the tide of Western knitting!

I want to start a
revolution. Or rather, I want to 'legitimize' the revolution that's already out there. More to come...
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