Sunday, January 18, 2004


As I've mentioned before, ever since last year's surgery I tend to get lost pretty easily. This is an annoyance for most folks - for me it's a source of severe frustration and sometimes panic.

I used to have such a good sense of direction that my husband would joke I had a metal plate in my head that always pointed North. When you have something precious and lose it, it's maddening. I can honestly say I never took my sense of direction for granted - it was a source of comfort ("I can find my way out of anything!") Now that warm blanket has been pulled off and I'm cold and quite often, lost.

I taught a small but wonderful class yesterday - a great bunch of 3 women (and some droppers-by) worked up my Aline bag in Raffia - and they did remarkably well working with the odd paper fiber! Not everyone finished their bags, but there's no question that they WILL finish them!

The class was in Stratford, which I found quite easily and arrived there 1-1/2 hours after I left my home. I was there all day, from 10 - 5, and by the time I left I was pretty exhausted. I run on fumes when I'm tired - it's adreneline that keeps me going on days when I don't get my nap.

The ride home was more eventful. Somehow I ended up in Queens (I think I took the Throgs Neck) and had to manuver through Manhattan to get home. It's the way I used to drive home to Brooklyn from CT years ago when I worked for La Stewart, so I think my tired mind just went on auto-pilot.

And - icing on the cake - I just got a phone call from a student who's coming to my Toe Up Sock Class this morning. My brilliant response - "What class?" Oy. THAT'S how to instill confidence in a student!

Right after she called I got not one, but two messages from other students that they wouldn't be coming because of the weather (they were coming from NYC) so it's going to be a skinny class.
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