Thursday, June 03, 2004


I had a class on Tuesday, Wed was the non-meetup meetup in Livingston (so great to see my friends) and tonight I had a private student who is a gifted and intuitive knitter. I think she'll be joining the Tuesday evening class, which is terrific because she'll be a wonderful addition.

I did some gardening today - bought some plants at Home Depot and some Sweet Lavender arrived mail order so I planted that, too. I have a hydrangea to plant in a few days, after it acclimates (?) to the area where I want to plant it - I'm just letting it sit out for a few days. Do hydrangeas like sun, or are they mostly shade loving? I guess that's what the internet is for.

In the midsts of the activity I feel great inertia - it's taking quite an effort for me to want to do anything. As usual, I'm feeling a need to get away, to be alone, but this time there's a reason. I think I need to be away from my family to really mourn my mom. I had written off going to TNNA, but perhaps I'll find a way to go so I can have a weekend alone... We'll see.

Perhaps you'll remember the saga of Gerry and the Speeding Ticket (and Towing...) Well, his court date was 6/1 but he dropped a letter off to the courthouse explaining that he would be in WV for a funeral. I wish he would have asked me because I would have told him we'd CERTAINLY be home by then, but he didn't - so there you are.

Anyway, apparently the letter was lost, filed or ignored because when he didn't show up they issued a bench warrent for him. Lovely. He's trying to straighten that out right now. The really annoying part is that he could have EASILY gone to court yesterday - no problem - and I still don't understand why he didn't. I would have, even if I'd sent a letter, I would have shown up anyway - it's not like he was doing anything earth shaking here at home!

Sweet mother of heaven, sometimes it feels like I have to do everything, or manage everything, and that's not a great way to feel (nor is it true, I know, but this is one of those weeks when I feel like mom to the world) Hmm, wonder why... I feel a bit at my wit's end.
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