Thursday, June 17, 2004

Settling Back In

My feet touch the ground, then they're off again. The ankle is healing very nicely, all things considered a much more minor sprain than I thought it was.

I started watering the lawn today just in time for a thunderstorm to roll in. My mind is in 100 places, divided and hard to push together. Another Amazon Order just came in - that makes a total of 150 books I've sent to them.

Last night at the knitting meetup we presented one of our members with a blanket that several of us had been working on for a few months. Kirsten was so happy to receive it - we were all so proud! here's an image of how it looked in my living room. Everyone knit a square with yarn I'd suggested (Gems Merino - Topaz) which is machine washable even though it's great wool yarn. We lined it with fabric from the Repro Depot and I gave both the knit parts and the lining a good washing before putting it together so it will be pre-shrunk. Let's hope baby Jude loves it as much as his mom does!

I'm starting to get hesitant, concerned emails from folks who still haven't received their books - let me know if anyone out there is still missing yours, if you ordered it before 5/31 you should have it by now!

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