Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Coming Back to Life

It always takes me a few days to unwind, pep up, get my rest and get used to the grind. It's SO GOOD to be with the kids again. But oy - the childhood traumas of a neighborhood clutch of kids! Someone is constantly picking on someone else, someone's in tears, someone's smirking. Quite a bit like national politics, which is really pretty sad considering the kids usually find a way to work things out without bringing the adults (or weapons of mass destruction) into the mix.

Knit For Brains

I've been kicking this idea around for a while, but during my teaching in Michigan the vision gelled and I just designed a logo with the motto: Knit for Brains.

I know, not terribly clever - and I'm sure folks have made the same play on words - but here's my own personal take on the sentiment...

Here's the T-Shirt...

And a closeup of the logo...

I put these up at Cafe Press last night - I'm going to order a few mugs for some friends - wonderful christmas gift...
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