Sunday, August 22, 2004

Oh! Canada!!

I'm in the land to the North tonight! I finished up at the Michigan Fiber Festival today and packed up the car. After goodbyes all around ('bye Lynn!) I picked up my check and took off for Port Huron.

I decided to drive home via Canada for several reasons:

1) I was going to go visit my cousin Jan in WV, but I have rarely felt this exhausted and have a great amount of pain - I think for several reasons I have to get home and rest a bit before I overextend myself terribly.

2) I wanted to see Canada - haven't been here for 12 years!

3) Pretty Money.

4) OTC Codein.

I'm splurging - SPLURGING! on a super-duper king sized room with a jacuzzi! It's deep, it's full, and I'm about to step in. The only thing I regret is that I'm not here with Gerry.

Yesterday was our 11th Anniversary, and I love him and miss him so much! He's such a gem to be great about me being on the road so much this summer - I appreciate it and I love him for it (and for so many other reasons!!)

The Michigan Fiber Fest had such a lovely atmosphere - very gentle, friendly and happy! I loved the little 1840's village that was on the fairgrounds, and hung out there a lot listening to my book on CD (yes, I bought myself a portable cd player) and knitting. So lovely! The weather was cool for some folks, but it was beautiful for me and I loved it! Cool at night, warm during the day and sunny, beautiful!

I enjoyed the fiber fest, but I really, REALLY need a shower! The showers at the fairgrounds were out of hot water the last two times I attemped to take a shower - I'm bad news, let me tell you. Consider yourself lucky this is the internet.

On Friday night I went to see I-Robot at the local theatre in downtown Allegan with two new friends - we had a great time and strolled around Allegan with ice cream cones on a mild night. I really enjoyed this fiber festival (previous incident with the 'evaluator' aside) and so enjoyed my students! What a terrific and inspiring bunch - a great week overall!

But - with luck on my side and my book on CD in the car, I'll be home late tomorrow in time to see the kiddies and kiss my hubby!

I'd like to mention that I bought some yarn (gasp - Me? Buying YARN?) from Oak Grove Yarns and I'm just in love with it! I'm happy, happy, happy!

My room even has a nice sofa I can sit on after I get out of the jacuzzi (which is now full and warm) and knit, knit, knit while I watch the Olympics! Ah - to be clean, comfortable and watching TV!!
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