Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lazing in Redondo Beach

Yesterday I met the Knitty Gritty folks - the producer I'm working with, Stefanie, is so nice and the staff is incredibly hard working!

We went over my segment and some other things that I'll be doing (cabling without a cable needle, etc.) and just sat around and had a beer after shooting ended for the day. It reminded me of my Martha days in some ways (although a bit more relaxed!)

Monday we tape, and it will be really fun!

Today I teach at Wildfiber. I dropped by yesterday and was charmed by the store, by the colors and the bright, pleasant layout - and by the lovely store owner, Mel. Just terrefic. I'm very excited to teach there today!

I'm visiting all of the yarn shops I can while I'm here to line up gigs for my Spring California knitting tour. If you know of a shop that you think might be interested in having me teach a class, email me and let me know!

Today I'll go back to the beach for a bit, have some more latte, and spend time with my lovely hostess and her amazing daughter! I have always loved kids, but this little girl is so sweet and charming and SMART - a brilliant little girl who is fun to be around! I'm very lucky that I'm staying with this family!
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