Monday, September 20, 2004

On Set!

I'm waiting for my closeup! I just had my makeup done, I'm in a new shirt that I bought last night at Target (LOVE Target) and looking pretty snazzy!

We've rehearsed the segment several times, plus my extra stuff on cabling without a cable needle and changing colors by using the tail to knit the 2nd stitch. Cakey stuff, but interesting...

Everyone here is so nice - apparently they're taping a bunch of shows, then they're all off for a long, long time and perhaps will be taping again in the Spring. Tonight I'm having dinner with a good friend, tomorrow the DR PHIL show (woo hoo - maybe I just won't remove my makeup...) and then dinner with a very dear friend from Undergrad.

I was so psyched yesterday to drive by the Shriner auditorium early in the day, then go home and SEE the emmy's that night! Any my favorite shows won - aways exciting. How great is Curb Your Enthusiasm? And the AMAZING RACE won.


As I was writing in my blog they came and got me for the show - it went REALLY well! We had a great time, lots of laughter and fun - and the sound guy, camera guy, etc., all told me that I did great. They probably tell that to everyone, but it sure made me feel terrific!

The other "knitsters" on the show were very nice, lovely women, and Vickie's mom was the other guest on the show. We did my sling chair, plus cabling without a cable needle. There is SO MUCH more that we could have done!

Afterward I packed up, had lunch with the crew and now I'm waiting to have dinner with a LA friend. I think I'll go wait at the beach!

I called home and spoke to Gerry and the kids. I miss them like CRAZY!
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