Friday, March 14, 2008

Furtive Blogging

This will have to be fast because I'm nutsy busy - and teaching in 10 minutes!

I would have posted last night, but I was so exhausted from travel, etc., and the internet reception from my room was pretty dismal.

Having said that, I love the Hilton! It's becoming one of my favorite hotel chains, and I'm so happy when my travels bring me to the Hilton for a visit. I'm here in Virginia Beach at Knitapalooza for the weekend, teaching 5 of my toughest classes (are you ready, ladies...?) and enjoying a bit of early Spring!

Dawn picked me up at the airport - she's so nice - her piece was in Cheaper Than Therapy so we already had a connection. There are a LOT of ladies I'm meeting here who I've already "met" online, more than usual, which is always fun (sometimes the anticipation is odd, but it always ends up being a blast!)

After a meet & greet last evening all of the teachers went off to have dinner with Bobbie (our hostess and owner of Ewe Knit) but I had to bow out early because I was just SO darned tired. And I need a good portion of alone time - not in a plane, not in an airport bathroom, just ALONE in my room to reflect and think and knit. My meditation time. I've begun jealously guarding it - it's becoming sacrosanct. Not a bad thing. I even bring a small travel candle with me - what next, bells?

Oatmeal for breakfast - so life is good today. If a morning starts with oatmeal can it go far wrong?

I feel that I've been slighting the blog lately - being tired and all - and there are SO many things I think about that I want to get down. My feelings about our last doctor visit, watching Hannah and Max managing without me, seeing Gerry trying to be brave so I don't feel too bad about leaving to teach.

Other things that are running through my head; Juggling the need to assert my own needs and rights as a teacher with doing what is necessary to stroke the powers that be and earn a living. Not being able to find the time to do what I need to do as a designer (submissions - via MAIL - my personal bugaboo!)

My mind is racing these days - which, ironically, may be why I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like.

I'll be so glad to get home and have a good few weeks to just get WORK DONE AT HOME!

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Anonymous denise copeland said...

Hi Annie,
I am in your classes tomorrow and Sunday. I have been looking forward to them for such a long time!

I sincerely hope that you have a very pleasant stay in Virginia Beach. It is wonderful that you have found a hotel chain that is comfortable. I hesitate to bring this up, but given your state of consciousness about intellectual property, fair play and ethics, I am going to make a comment that is a little outside my optimistic comfort zone. A couple of years ago quilt kaleidoscope goddess, Paula Nadelstern, was visiting Houston for the Houston International Quilt festival. (One of Paula's quilts was included in the “Twentieth Century’s 100 Best American Quilts” exhibit.) Someone mentioned that she did a great job on the carpet in the Lanier Grand Ballroom and cat walk at the Houston Hilton Convention Center. Paula knew nothing about it. She went to see it, and sure enough, that was one of her original quilt designs carpeting the 40,000 foot ballroom. She could identify each scrap of fabric from her quilt that they had copied in the design. The whole thing had to be resolved in court. At one point the person who was responsible for creating the rug design disappeared. It is my understanding that she won the court case. Here is a couple of references regarding this very unfortunate episode.
I took a week long class with Paula while the litagation portion was underway and also heard her speak about this in a public forum. If you would like to see the rug, here's a link to Hilton's Lanier Grand Ballroom.

This whole issue has repercussions for everyone in the creative arts.

March 14, 2008 8:22 AM  
Anonymous Marie said...

When I read your posts from home I feel so much more relaxed for you than when you post while on the road. Last week as I read I actually found myself scrolling back to where you outlined your timetable and counting the days until you were going home.

March 14, 2008 5:40 PM  
Anonymous Ann (yet another) said...

Denise, Paula gave a presentation to our quilt guild two weeks ago. She won. She credits the victory to the fact that the designs were all lifted straight from a copyrighted book and that she had a lawyer who understood art and artists.

Annie, have a nice trip - I hope the weather is nice and someone takes you down to the beach. 8-)

March 14, 2008 7:13 PM  
Anonymous roz said...

While you're at home, Mr. Max should play lot of piano for you. Then you'll relax!

March 15, 2008 5:44 PM  

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