Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Registration for Online Classes is LIVE!
This post is late due to a publishing problem

The Combination Knitting classes I'll be offering over at the Ning.com site are coming together very nicely. I've got some great videos, some good hand outs and I'm working on a few mp3 lectures so folks who take the class can have some mobility while they learn.

If you're interested in registering you can visit http://www.anniemodesitt.com/onlineclasses to sign up for Jan [sold out], Feb [almost sold out] or March classes (1 class per month)

If you register by Jan 1 you can sign up for the February and March classes for $50 also (use code "introfeb" or "intromarch") After Jan 1 the Feb and March classes revert to $65 for the month-long class.

I hope to "see" you in class - I'm so excited about this whole thing! Especially the chance to share my passion and knowledge without taxing my limited energy or putting undue pressure on my family.

Thanks, everyone, for "walking" me through this process of getting the classes together!

And Happy Solstice! It's lighter every day from now on!

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Blogger Lisa R-R said...

Maybe it is good to have a diagnosis?
I think the online courses sound very interesting, and a good solution to avoid undue travel.
Best wishes for 2010!
Lisa in Toronto

December 26, 2009 8:02 AM  

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