Saturday, February 06, 2010

Moving, Birthday and a Rant

I'm moving my blog over to Word Press. It's going to take a while, I have until March (when Blogger turns off my ability to publish via FTP, the main reason I stick with Blogger) and I'm pretty excited about it.

Two folks whose blogs I love and respect, Margaret Roach and Adria Richards, both use and love Word Press. That's good enough for me! (I love name dropping these two brilliant women, I so respect their work, I feel fortunate to know them both!)

I will miss Blogger - I've been with them since I started in 2002 - but the time has come to take a bit more control of my blog, and I'm happy to do it.

I've been non-blogging because I've been rather ill again this week. Two episodes where a backslide into wheat (one semi-intentional, one absolutely innocently) caught me up and wore me out SO much that I was blindsided by how rotten I felt.

In one way, it's very good. I was able to bounce back rather quickly with some Vitamin D, a LOT of water and some aerobic Wii bicycling. Work that poison (to me) out of my system, baby!

And it also points out to me that my suspicions are valid - the wheat really is one culprit in my muscle and joint aches and my overal malaise/fogginess of brain. I'm also beginning to think that one of the reasons I got so sick around Christmas was the amount of holiday cookies I was digesting.

So I start this week rededicating myself to a wheat-free existence, with a bit more emphasis on eating less sugar, too. We'll see...

That's the main reason I've been so quiet on my blog and in Twitter. It's astounding to me how little I feel like doing when I'm down and out, but there it is!

While all this rolling around in the bed in agony was going on, I was approached by Interweave Knits and IK Crochet to do a project for each, which is wonderful. I love working with them, such a great company!

I'm also working on a flowered cloche for Crochet Insider (the hat CAN be worn outside, too...) and it's more fun that should be legal. Alls I'll say is that I LOVE ribbon embroidery!

The online classes are going beautifully, I've got a LOT of students in my classes this month, and I'm working up a free "How To Knit" class which I thought would be finished by now. More's the pity that it's not, but with any luck I'll have it done by the end of the weekend.

However, when it's done you'll have a place to send your non-knitting friends where they can learn both Western AND basic Combination knitting. Or, in the off chance that you don't knit, you can visit and hone your mad knit chops.

More info when it's ready to go, stay tuned!

Gerry turned 51 yesterday and we're pretty stoked. We were going to go to Pizza Luce where I can get a gluten free slice and a gluten free beer, but I was feeling SO under the weather we stayed at home and had some gluten free birthday cake (courtesy of Betty Crocker and Hannah)

I love that ad from the American Cancer Society where they say they're the Official Sponsor of Birthdays. Obviously this really resonates with us - we are VERY lucky.

But the truth remains that with so many Americans uninsured and under-insured, many folks can't get the help they need without going into bankruptcy (and even then getting the correct health care is an iffy proposition.)

I'm amazed and astounded at how the anti-health care folks who are fighting against a Public Option in DC have been able to paint their position as even slightly humanitarian.

Through fear, a LOT of expensive ads, lobbyists cash to Congress and a successful campaign to polarize the American Congress (if not the American people), they've convinced some naive folks that a majority of citizens is against a public option, but an interesting ABC / Washington Post Poll refutes this.

I'm sick to death of hearing the twin lies that:

1) Insurance Portability Across State Lines Will Save Us and
2) Tort Reform Will Save Us.

The only people these two strategies will help are the insurance companies. They'll be able to charge what they want with very little regulation, and patients won't be able to sue to overturn bad insurance company decisions (usually based on raising profits) which cause severe injury or even death.

Lie #1
The state by state portability issue would allow states with good regulatory laws (like Minnesota and California) to be brought down to the lowest common denominator - to the level of states with BAD consumer protection laws.

Jerry Flanagan, a patient advocate for Santa Monica-based Consumer Watchdog, is quoted in an article in the LA Times, "The insurance companies will all run to Wyoming to issue policies, and Wyoming laws would rule in California."

Think of what's happened to consumers under the thumb of credit card companies who all flocked to states with very bad regulatory laws. 30% interest rates and crushing, hidden "fees" are NOT uncommon. This usurious situation has flourished because the banks issuing the cards are able to base themselves in states which allow these practices.

Lie #2
Right wingers like to use the Bar Association as a whipping boy because - well - everyone has heard some story of folks being screwed by a lawyer. Even Shakespeare wasn't fond of them.

But the deeper reason is that many attorneys actually fight FOR the rights of citizens who are all but powerless against large entites, and this is anathema to the multi-billion dollar corporations.

It can be expensive, but anyone has the right to seek council and sue a company which has caused damage. To take away this right is to further reduce the strength of the average American against the monied large corporations.

Now that Corporations - masquerading as people - have been sanctioned by the Supreme Court to spend unlimited amounts of money in support of political campaigns, my own fear is that more and more Americans will be convinced by expensive ad campaigns to vote against their own best interests.

No one, no group, has the kind of money the corporations control to work against the multi-million dollar ad campaigns that are on their way.

What's the cure? Education and information. Don't take my word for any of this, but don't take anyone else's word for it, either. Use your brain, educate yourself, make yourself informed.

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Anonymous Margaret Roach said...

I am so glad that we over in the WordPress world can look forward to your arrival. You will love it.

If there are questions, holler. I am no geek, but I have gotten pretty good at using the incredible tool that it is.

I am also saying "yes, exactly," about the wheat thing. I gave up wheat September 15 and the one backslide I had since was not fun. Our bodies tell us what is good for us and what is not as individuals, don't they?

February 06, 2010 4:47 PM  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

Your rant is spot on, I couldn't agree more. We have had to stop discussing this with some of our friends. Health care is a right and I think it's a moral responsibility to provide it for everyone.

February 06, 2010 5:27 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Your last paragraph says it all.

February 06, 2010 5:57 PM  
Blogger Tina L said...

So there is no possible way for people who disagree with you to be educated or informed? Is that what you really believe?

February 06, 2010 6:42 PM  
Blogger Annie said...


I'm not sure how you got that from my post.

However, your rather defensive tone makes me feel that perhaps you may not entirely educated on this subject.

Myself, I read both sides, I travel widely, I see how the name calling ("socialist", "communist") are making so much noise that an intelligent discussion is drowned out.

I think you're wasting time looking for reasons to be insulted rather than looking for answers and common ground so all of us can solve this untenable situation in our country.

February 06, 2010 7:27 PM  
Blogger Tina L said...


I wish it were easier to convey tone in text. My intended tone was curiosity - perhaps touched with bafflement.

Based on reading your blog for the last year or so, I doubt we have a single thing in common politically. While I find that occasionally frustrating, I mostly find it intriguing.

Here in a nutshell is what I believe:

-It is far more important for all of us to have the freedom to choose whether or not to buy health insurance than to have the government take that decision from us and make it mandatory.

-An organization that has so badly managed social security, medicare, medicaid, and the VA system should not be trusted to manage healthcare for the entire population of this country. (I think the "public option" is an almost unimaginable nightmare.)

-The healthcare debate should not be focused on change for the entire country, but solely on those in the most need.

These are the primary reasons I believe that it is possible to be educated on the subject and still find the current incarnation of health care reform to be untenable.

Please note, I have not resorted to name calling. My intended tone is respectful disagreement.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Gerry. I hope you are able to make your trip to Pizza Luce in the near future.

February 06, 2010 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Terese said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I was worrying a bit about your 2 chats on Wednesday and all of your amazing work on these classes. Please take care and tell Gerry we are all so glad he is here with all of us, but especially his wonderful family. I hope to be at the chat tomorrow.
PS I do believe you need to move to Illinois and help our state out a bit. We owe millions of dollars to medicare and to our public colleges and universities. Our primary was Tuesday and the democrat opponent had to concede the next day (it was quite close) and the republican nominee is not known at this time! Also the democratic LtGov has many issues and has hit the dreadful wall known as political party! Be strong!

February 06, 2010 9:53 PM  
Anonymous Adria Richards, said...


I will keep saying that breakfast with you was amazing! I did an audio thought last night on my iPhone about what I learned from you and mentioned your wonderful "shock" of red hair!

You will love Wordpress because it's flexible, easy, reliable and oh so fun! It's like going to a food festival and finding all your favorite comfort foods!

I am a geek and will certainly be available to link you up to all the Wordpressy resources.


1) Secure a domain name - CHECK
2) Secure hosting space with a good host who has cPanel (I recommend Rochenhost)
3) Install Wordpress
4) Add a theme (many great free, minimalist ones)
5) Add plugins to make your blog dance
6) I see you already use Clicky for your analytics. Awesome!
7) Export your .xml file from Blogger
8) Import your .xml file into your shiny new Wordpress install
9) Change your domain DNS to point to your new hosting space
10) Let everyone know!


Importing Content into Wordpress

Export Blogger

Since you already have your Blogger blog connected to your domain name, you will not lose traffic, Google Page Rank or backlinks.

You will need to create a strategy to let people know the Blogger blog is no longer active for comments (we can chat on this).

I agree with Margaret, you'll love Wordpress!

Adria Richards

February 06, 2010 10:03 PM  
Anonymous Maureen M. said...

To Tina L.:

I respectfully disagree with your healthcare position for the following reasons:

- While I do agree that we should not be forced to buy health insurance from for-profit corporations, I do believe that proper healthcare is a human right and our government should provide that to ALL of us from our tax base, as governments do in every other country of the world with similar standards of living, and as our own country does for seniors and members of Congress.

The fact that our government does not do this now explains why our healthcare systems is only the 37th best system in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

In addition, if our government would step up to the plate and do the humane and ethical thing, the burden on businesses to not only provide health insurance, but to shop for and administer the benefits to their employees would be lifted. As a former business owner, I feel that health insurance is the job of the government and not that of my business.

- If you believe that the government has "badly managed social security, medicare, medicaid, and the VA system", you are clearly misinformed or uneducated. The facts do not support your claim. In fact, these systems are generally very well managed when they are provided the proper funding and support.

Instead, our elected officials in Washington (usually the Republicans, but not always) are continually raiding or slashing the funds of these systems (usually to provide for things they like personally, such as wars of choice and bloated military budgets that are MANY muliples of every other nation on earth.) Most seniors, and many vets, are very happy with the services that they receive, although they are under two distinct, and very different, type of plans. Medicare is a single payer insurance system and the VA is actually socialized medicine.

- The health insurance debate must be focused on the entire country because the skyrocketing costs, and bankruptcies from medical bills, are across the board and affect everyone. Also, even people who think they have good insurance coverage are still vulnerable due to the profit-driven nature of our current insurance system. If your required medicines or procedures are too expensive, you could find yourself without the coverage that you thought you had.

To summarize, I believe that a single payer (universal) health insurance system is the most efficient and ethical system available. I don't believe that my personal health should be a mini profit center for a corporation that has no motive to keep me alive, or healthy, if they think it is too expensive.

I also don't think that it makes financial sense to pay a for-profit corporation a 30%+ overhead for their own profit to take my money, or my employer's money, and pass it to my healthcare provider, especially when the government could do the same job for 3% (what it costs to administer Medicare).

Sorry that this is such a long post, but I feel that a humane, ethical, and financially efficient solution is much more nuanced than most of the public health insurance opponents seem to think.

I wish you continued good health so that you never have to beg for proper healthcare, or do without, as many in this country do now.

February 06, 2010 10:19 PM  
Blogger Annie said...


The Republicans have sold a tale of fear - "Be AFRAID your freedoms will be taken away if we provide health care for everyone..." because they know that folks who are afraid can't see straight to make a thoughtful decision.

But that's exactly what we need; thoughtful investigation, education and research. Not fear, and not knee jerk repetition of Fox & Friends talking points.

It's very easy to tear down 'government run organizations', they're easy targets when media outlets like Fox paint huge red bulls eyes on them.

The current situation is untenable, and all that the Republicans in Congress seem able to do is obstruct, tell lies (supported by the huge media conglomerates - what a lie the "liberal media" label is) and filibuster.

In the short run Democrats have made the mistake of trying to see two sides of an issue. And we're foolish enough to be disheartened when our desire to work together is met with more filibusters than any previous US Congress in history has seen.

That's the short run. In the long run, working together is one of the few ways to create long-term, positive change.

I look at the different sides of an issue, I read papers from Brookings AND Cato, Heritage AND Center for American Progress because I want to see what each side is saying.

I do the research to see where the US stands in infant mortality (45, behind Ireland, UK, Canada, France and Cuba), Per Capita Health Expenditures (we're #1)

A 2003 New England Journal of Medicine study found that the average overhead among private U.S. insurers was 11.7 percent, compared with 1.3 percent for Canada's single-payer system and 3.6 percent for Medicare. So much for more efficient private insurance.

Ask any senior you know if they'd give up their "poorly run" Medicare, and the answer would be a resounding NO!

Or, as one unintentionally ironic sign read at a recent anti health care reform, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare..."

The only government hands ON Medicare recently have been red ones passing out deals in the giveaway drug plan (Part D) which made negotiation for lower drug prices illegal. This from folks who tout free enterprise as the economic panacea.

Worse, the changes wrought by a Republican President and Congress to Medicare created a coverage gap (donut hole) for 75% of Part D seniors.

I could go on, and on (and on.) But I won't.

I can't force you to read up on this, you can't compel me to believe that S.S.I. is run any worse than AIG or Goldman Sachs, so I guess we'll leave it at that.

February 06, 2010 10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh. I'm Australian and have that nasty socialised health care for all. It works. If we want something more or different (e.g. choice of surgeon) we pay insurance or gaps but the safety net is there for all (everyone CAN get a surgeon when needed). I love that the most vulnerable in our society - children and the aged - are kept safe.

I've been watching the documentary Sicko and while I accept Mr Moore is not the world's most balanced reporter, most of it is hard to dispute. Did you know that the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the wealthiest Americans on average die 3 years before the poorest people in the UK? And that doesn't even take into account quality of life.

Outside of the US we find it explicable that one of the wealthiest countries of the world as the health care system it does.

I *really* wish you all luck in creating a change that means no one dies because they have no insurance. Seems like a basic human right to me.

February 07, 2010 3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annie: the reason they want to kill all the lawyers first is so there is no one to throw a monkey wrench in their plans by representing the people. Shakespeare was not really vilifying lawyers.

Lawyers are scapegoats, not the cause of our ridiculously high medical insurance costs.

Wenatchee, WA

February 07, 2010 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Are you not tired of using your Knitting blog to talk about politics? I know I'm tired of reading it, so I think today will be my last visit. Good luck to you, and I hope your health and Gerry's health improve.

February 07, 2010 1:00 PM  
Anonymous bibliotecaria said...

Re: the wheat thing, I just wanted to point you to a blog that has some very inspiring writing and wonderful recipes, including good GF cookies.
Check her out and hopefully it will help you focus on the positives of figuring out that wheat is part of the problem.

I love WordPress too.

February 07, 2010 3:10 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I LOVE Gluten Free Girl! I found her site right after starting to go Gluten about a month ago. After reading her archives I ordered her book and wrote to her immediately that she'd helped me see joy instead of hardship in gluten free.

Blog Rules
I've said it before, but my blog - my words. I pay for the bandwidth, I say what I like. I did give a rant alert...

Politics are a large part of my life. In the course of a blog I will talk about them, my family, the spiritual aspects of my life, living with chronic pain, and cancer AS WELL AS knitting, crochet and designing.

I write the blog for me, but I'm very glad if folks read it. I'm happy to read comments (and discuss points with commenters), but I'm not going to self edit because it makes a reader unhappy.

I'm in my 8th year of this blog, and anyone who's read it for more than a few months understands that I have to write what I like. The day I'm tired of writing it, I'll stop.

I hate to see you leave in a huff, but if you can't get a huff, call a cab...

February 07, 2010 4:04 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I came back to see if you would answer. I guess those of us who are conservative, or at least not liberal should get our knitting "fix" elsewhere?

You don't even have knitting content, except to advertise your classes. Do you show what you are working on? No. Do you talk about current patterns? No. What about new yarn? Knitting? What knitting?Very rarely, and certainly not a focus.

If you have noticed, you have very few comments on a daily basis in comparison to other knitting blogs. Maybe your political content could be a contributing factor? Just sayin'...

I used my real name.

My e-mail address is:

February 07, 2010 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I just noticed your "leave in a huff comment". How typically juvenile.

February 07, 2010 7:39 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

But that's one of the best things about me, my juvenile humor...

Stick around and I'll tell a few fart jokes...

Michelle, I haven't been able to knit much lately because I've been in so much pain. I don't blog about in as great detail as I might, because I don't want to.

I have pain when I wake up, pain all day, pain in the evening. It's hard to sit so I can knit, it's hard to sleep, and everything is just kind of hard to do when one is in pain.

I'm light years better than I was, but it's still difficult to focus, and very difficult to knit or crochet.

I'm working on 3 things right now, none of which I can blog about because they're for magazines (I can't reveal the patterns, etc.) And progress is slow because - I'm not sure if I've mentioned this - I'm in pain.

You know, I could really care how many comments I get. They're nice, thanks folks for leaving them, but as juvenile a you think I am (and you're probably right) I'm not quite junior high school enough to compare how many comments I get compared to another knitting blog.

I think you probably should just read things that you entirely, 100% agree with, because it seems to make you all squeaky inside to hear an opinion different than your own.

I'm not going to block you or anything, but let's face it, you're not happy here.

It's not you, it's me.

So why don't you go your way, don't come knocking any more, and think about calling someone out with a chronic illness because you feel they're not knitting enough for you. My blog - like my life - is about MUCH more than knitting.

If you want to read what I say about knitting, you have to at least skim past the other stuff.

Have a great day - don't let the comment box hit ya where the goddess of creation split ya!

February 07, 2010 7:46 PM  
Anonymous AsKatKnits said...

Annie, you blog about whatever you want. It is your blog!

Rant on, Sister.

Happy Birthday to Gerry and hope you are feeling better soon.

Oh... and I have a knitting blog where I get political too.


February 07, 2010 7:56 PM  
OpenID whitknits said...

I almost never comment on your blog (I'm a shy lurker), but I just wanted to chime in to say how much I enjoyed your rant (I'm right there with you), and how much I enjoy your blog, generally! Seemed like this post would be a good place to delurk.

I've been sympathizing so much with your posts about fibromyalgia. I don't have fibromyalgia, but have a lot of similar issues due to mixed connective tissue disease (I was diagnosed with fibro at first, until we ran some more detailed blood tests). Pain sucks, and it totally kills the crafty productivity. I hope you're on an upswing!

February 07, 2010 7:58 PM  
Blogger evie said...

I wish that people who have been drinking the poisoned kool-aid that insurance companies, their lobbyists and their bought congressman and senators have served during the last year could stop long enough to see that 1) the public option was to be the last resort for people who could not get coverage anywhere else, not the norm for everyone. 2) Getting everybody insurance and access to healthcare will benefit everyone. Insuring a greater number of people will make costs go down for everyone. Once everyone is insured and has access to good health care providers, many illnesses could be avoided, or at least managed better. Emergency rooms wouldnÕt need to be the place where people without insurance go for non-emergency care. 3) Even the worst of Social Security, Medicare or Veterans Administration is far better than the path people without any insurance have to take. Try having a family member get cancer or some other serious illness without insurance. I really hope you never find yourself in that predicament. 3) People who need health care coverage run the socio-economic gamut in every state in this country. ThatÕs why it needs to cover the entire country.

And Annie! Please continue to write whatever you please on your blog! I love it!

February 07, 2010 9:11 PM  
Anonymous Eva said...

Thanks for ranting, writing, and knitting/crocheting, and otherwise keeping it real.

February 07, 2010 9:57 PM  
Anonymous mary jane said...

Right on Annie, love the rant, and I agree completely.Good on you.

February 07, 2010 11:16 PM  
Blogger Jo Ann said...

Wow. Shame this is a knitting blog, because I would love to follow up on the comment that VA is providing strong medical care. Not in my 18 years of professional (medical and research) experience (both mental and physical).

February 08, 2010 6:27 AM  
Blogger kathryn said...

It is your blog, say what you want!

February 08, 2010 7:29 AM  
Blogger kaykatrn said...

Wow!! I have a migraine and can't read the back and forth right now, but your rant hit all the right notes, so I presume your responses do, too. I would like to point out that the people who are against change are the lucky ones who have decent insurance, but they do not understand how much their employers are paying for that coverage. They need to talk to someone on COBRA insurance. My daughter is paying $935 a month --supposedly what my employer was paying to cover her, of which I was paying $196 a month!!! AND, I ended up paying $1600 out of packet every year so she can go to the chiropractor often enough to keep her relatively comfortable. Plus the 30% of each Dr bill I have to pay AND $35 for each Dr. visit. Absolutely, change must happen soon! Those of you who object to change need to look outside your own world and see other people's needs. I work more than full time, make a house payment, etc. And have had to cut WAY BACK on my yarn purchases. This also should not have to be! Thank you for listening. And Annie--thanks for the forum.

Happy Birthday, Gerry!!!!!!!!!!

February 08, 2010 11:59 AM  
Anonymous ali said...

Rant on, sister! I've been worried that your FM was going to give you pains in the "wits and brain." I'm so glad it ain't so.

Knit when you can. Crochet if you can. Talk to all of us about your pain. Don't back down. You're a great asset to the knitting blogs.

Blessings to Gerry on his 51st. And to you because you're here.

February 08, 2010 12:10 PM  
Blogger Tina L said...


I don't know what state you or your daughter live in, but it might be worth shopping around to see if there is a better option for her than COBRA.

My family has an individual insurance policy for far, far less than the $935 a month you reference. We used to compare providers. (I assume there are others who provide similar service. I'm just sharing my experience.) We've had an individual police for the last three years. Overall we've been very pleased, if anything we like it better than any employer provided plan we've ever had.

I hope this information helps you.

February 08, 2010 1:01 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Happy birthday to Gerry! The mere mention of Pizza Luce got my mouth watering...I fell in love with it in Duluth this summer :-)

I heartily agree with every point of your rant. It's incredibly frustrating, but what will get through to the uninformed/misinformed? TALK. And you're doing a great service in that :-)

February 08, 2010 1:38 PM  
Anonymous Jane said...


Many many thanks for this post. I am so sick and tired of the tort reform red herring. The reality is that attorneys are the only bulwark against these abuses. Congress doesn't act or only does things piecemeal. As a person whose Blue Cross premium has just gone up $200 PER MONTH for me and my 2 boys, we are being crippled by this. We don't have any meds or preexisting conditions, thank goodness, but we are being hammered. $40 copay, $2500 PER PERSON deductible to meet
for each of us. We fought for 2 years over medical coverage for speech therapy that was covered-they paid for a year of it and then summarily denied us. Someone who was not a dr. decided that. I am tired of this-my good friends in Australia are aghast. We should be too. Corporations hold sway here and the recent Supreme Court decision was beyong disheartening. Happy Birthday to Gerry-

February 08, 2010 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Debra said...

On Chris Matthew's show today he asked a Republican what should be done with health care -- his answer,"State by state portability for insurance" How exactly will that help someone who does not have health insurance? They don't have anything to carry! Keep on ranting Annie,I love it.
And Happy Birthday to your Gerry.

February 08, 2010 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Maureen M said...

To Jo Ann:

Your personal anecdotal evidence is not evidence, even if you believe that it has held true for 18 years.

There is quite a bit of actual evidence that contradicts your personal experience. Please start with the Dept. of Defense (, which says that "VA Outranks Private Sector in Health Care Patient Satisfaction." Google will provide you with more patient surveys that say the same thing.

This happens to be in line with my personal anecdotal evidence, since every veteran that I know has told me that they are very satisfied with their care. It is not personal anecdotal evidence that is important, however - either mine or yours. The vets seem to be speaking for themselves quite well.

February 09, 2010 12:32 AM  
Anonymous Dawn Scholl said...

Annie, Thanks for the rant. I thought you articulated it SO well! I showed it to my spouse and he was impressed as well. You hit the nail on the head on many points. I love your knitting info, but your contribution to the healthcare discussion is very well informed and it OBVIOUSLY hits the mark. I just wish those that are SO frightened off could be reached. My only concern is you can't reach more people with your intelligent, knowledgable "rant." The state of healthcare in this country scares me. Doing nothing about this scares me.

Katkatrn: COBRA at $935 is often necessary due to riders when a person attempts to purchase an individual policy.

Annie: My only wish is that you had an even larger forum.


February 09, 2010 11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I drop in occasionally to your blog, I find your knitting awesome. I read your comments re healthcare althought it went over my head a bit because in the UK we do not have to worry about healthcare costs because it is a free-to-all-service. Even illegal immigrants have the right to healthcare through attending Accident and Emergency departments of hospitals (ER). I have relatives in the USA and know how they have struggled to find affordable healthcare.

How many of the people who voted against the Bill sent a donation to Haiti and called themselves humanitarian???

Sorry, I'm a Brit sticking my nose in but couldn't help myself. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

February 11, 2010 4:04 PM  
Blogger Kasknits said...

I'm sorry to hear you are unwell and soon to be without health insurance. As I'm sure you know all too well, anyone who works independently and does not have insurance through an employer can find it very difficult, sometimes impossible, to buy affordable and good coverage. It disheartens me that the debate over healthcare reform has served more to scare the public than to point out the very real stresses experienced by hardworking families like yours who have the misfortune to have a family member get sick and then have to worry about getting treatment because they do not have health insurance. I know you love Minn but if you lived in Mass you would most likely qualify for subsidized insurance. This has been a godsend for those who are self employed (like many knitting designers) but can't afford to buy individual policies. The state of Mass is now trying to tackle the cost problem but access to care is no longer a significant issue.

February 23, 2010 1:10 PM  

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