Wednesday, July 31, 2002

You know, I could spend WEEKS working on this blogger thing. Productivity, schmoductivity - that's what I say! Today was a great day teaching, then I fled to the Short Hills Mall for a brief stint of shopping (haven't felt like doing THAT for a few months!)

Great sale at Chicos - I got a dress AND a tank top for $24.00 total! Passed by the new Apple store at the Mall (it'sFABULOUS) and got sucked in for quite a while. Ended up by printing out my resume, writing a cover letter and printing it out and leaving it for the store manager.

Well, they'd run out of applications! I'd love to work with those juicy little macs - I'm salivating just thinking about it! We'll see!

But, the biggest news of all on this fine, fine day is that Gerry found my wedding ring!

It had been lost the week of my surgery. Specifically, during my colonoscopy, but after my laparoscopy and before my hysterectomy - what a wild week THAT was!

Gerry had taken responsibility for my jewelery while I was under the knife (or under the probe...) and - well, he lost my wedding ring.

It wasn't an expensive ring - no stone - but it meant a great deal to me. The designer was Ed Levin and the style is no longer available. It has forget-me-nots carved into it (4 of them, one each for me, G
& the kids) and a series of vortex spirals. I just love it - it's quite subtle - and now it's back! Especially precious as it's no longer available!

Today also would have been my dad's 81st birthday.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Well, I've taken a deep breath and I'm okay with the whole moving deadline thing. It gives me a bit more time to get some of my better designs back from previous submissions and reswatch them (if necessary) in a more suitable yarn.

Right now I'm ready to concentrate on Kids Stuff - I'm so into it these days. Odd - you'd think I would have been doing it all along (having two little ones as I do) but I really love mid-fashion for women and men - sportswear type stuff.

I love that we live in a time when, for the most part, editors can't tell women what they can and can't wear - it's refreshing that I could walk into a store and buy ANY length of skirt I want. There are no hemline police these days - or are there? Next stop, Siz(e)ism!
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Well, this just takes the cake. After suffering through a HOT weekend, stealing every hour to finish my submissions on time (see below), putting off taking my kids to the pool on this STEAMIEST of hot days here in NJ and rushing my husband off to the post office with MINUTES to spare to send my sketches and swatches to a major knitting magazine (sketches due tomorrow) I get this email 10 minutes ago:

Dear Designers,

We have extended the deadline for the designer submissions. Please be sure to send us your designs by August 15th.

If I wasn't already so hot I'd be steaming. I know that free-lance is just one step above cotton-picking coolie in the stratosphere of the hand knit design world, but the due date was supposed to be TOMORROW. I can't be the only designer who put their nose to the grindstone all weekend to get stuff in by the 7/30 deadline, can I?

This reminds me of grad school - whenever I'd get my assignments done early we'd get an extension. When I needed more time it was never available. I know that deadlines are rubber - but having worked in print production I try very hard to honor them when I can. The magazines need to treat their free lance designers with the kind of respect that they expect from them. I'm already in the Scenic Artist Union - maybe we need a guild for the free lance hand knit designers? Is there such a thing? BTW, maybe you'd like to see my online knit design portfolio?

I guess it's true - the more you pay someone, the nicer you tend to treat them. Ain't designing glamorous?
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Well, I just wrote a long, lovely musing on free lance knit design and the small money that is there - but it's disappeared (hmmmm - how odd...)

The main gist was that this past weekend G worked afternoons/evenings on Fri, Sat & Sun - it was hot, hot, hot and the kids were just being - well, kids.

By the way, it's hot today

The kids so great, but it's so hot and I have two major deadlines coming up TODAY! I truly enjoy knitting with wire on these hot days SO MUCH MORE than knitting with something that gets sweat marks or is an animal fibre! Bring on da wire, bring on da beads! The cat thew up on my daughter's camp bag. Life is grand.

The headache remains - it hovers over my head like a bowl of cream of wheat. Maybe we should just rent a big old beach house in October and fill it full of knitters who can cook (or order out?) We'll share expenses, share meals, and the only criteria is that everyone has to come ready to teach someone else something interesting (like single note harmonica playing, or different ways of decreasing...) What say yous?
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Friday, July 26, 2002

A slower day today, but a busy day! I developed a SPLITTING headache whilst working up 6 (count 'em SIX) different application pages to teach at a major knitting expo - one page per course proposal. Cross your fingers for me, I love the teaching and I'd like to make it a full time career if I can manage it! Unfortunately, all of this thinking and writing this afternoon really set off the headache to SINGING like a Diva. Teaching, as with anything worthwhile, has it's hard and stressful parts.

I want to have my OWN knitting retreat for funky, open minded and kind hearted knitters who like to schmooze as much as they like to knit. Any takers?

After stumbling through application hell all afternoon my amazing and wonderful hubby made the most delicious dinner of salmon, rice and peas, then I conked out (headache and all) only to awake as he was working his way up to bed.

I'm working on FINALLY updating our family gallery webpage. Here I sit, 1:40 in the morning, headache still buzzing mildly and knowing that I must return to bed if I'm going to be in a fit state to deal with the middle schoolers who attend the creative arts camp where I teach Drama this summer. They're writing their own play - sort of an "Into The Woods" theme - and my small, little group of 5 is just amazing! The earlier group this year had 14 students - also a wonderful group, but very different in personality and energy. What a lesson for me this summer has been!

I'd love to teach them knitting!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Today was a great day - beautiful weather, beautiful day!

After teaching my middle school drama class I took a break with some knitting buddies in Maplewood, then on to Brooklyn to visit a shop, Red Lipstick that I had read about on the internet.

Let me tell you, this shop is fabulous. Tiny, yes, but lots of cool stuff - lots of fun pins, watches, hand and machine knit items (natch) and a proprietress who is a blast. Visit this store, it's worth a look!

Then a much too short visit to a good friend, Sue, in Brooklyn and home again on the 9:38 train - I didn't make it to the Mad Hatters meeting in NYC (my reason for going into the city to begin with!) but I'm slowly learning to pace myself and not to be too hard on myself when I don't achieve everything I set out to do. Besides, it was just so gorgeous today!

Today was also Hannah's first ever baseball game (minor league Newark Bears, a home game) She went with her summer camp and, from reports, was a little bored by the whole thing. I should have taken her with me!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Day 2 of being stuck to my seat - arrrgh! But at least I have 14 good sketches/swatches with accompanying schematics and stitch charts to show for my work. I think it's a function of my recent recovery, and also of growing a bit older, but I'm just not as fast as I used to be! Maybe it's just the heat?

I've been having some angst and slight guilt about continuing to pursue this knit design stuff when I think what I really need to do is get a job with benefits. It's a dilemma, because I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with the knitting, but it all could be an illusion. Free lancing is a lonely kind of business -

I'll be teaching another knitting class at the Newark Museum, a class in knitting furniture at the Baird Center here in South Orange, NJ and a couple of classes in knitting millinery and general knitting techniques at Pins & Needles down in Priceton, NJ - I have all of the class info up at my current classes page
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Monday, July 22, 2002

I've spent 2 hours stuck to a wooden chair in my HOT office charting lace patterns so my combined knitting brain can decipher them. Oh, well - worse things could happen. Now I have to get my act together and get just a few more swatches finished (-- just -- one -- more --) and get them ready to send out to the next submission. Time to make a sacrifice to the knitting god.

Kids? C'mere...

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Alison's Scarf
Link to pdf file of cable/trellis lace scarf

Hannah's Poncho
Link to pdf file of multi-sized poncho


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