Thursday, July 31, 2003

And for some knitting, finally...

It's been a while since I posted a project - sorry - so much of the stuff I do can't really be revealed without compromising a contract agreement. However, I think I can post this pic - a corner of a project I'm working up for a new book. If I can't get a book, the next best thing is getting in some really COOL ones!

This is going to be a really FUN project!
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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Why was the hooker hanging around our front yard today..?

She heard a couple of guys were going to lay a stone patio and wanted to see how they'd do it

Yes, it's down. It was a comedy of errors, though, I must say...

Monday I went to Maplewood Nursery on Springfield and ordered a pallet of stone for $200 and a cubic yard of gravel - total cost plus delivery, $285. I was assured that we were #2 on the delivery list for Wednesday.

I hurried home and called a guy we know who does odd jobs for $$ and offered him some bucks to come and help Gerry lay the stones. I felt we were set.

I was teaching this morning at Knit & Stitch when Gerry called at 11:00 to say the stones hadn't arrived and he wanted me to leave the class and go get 400lbs of fill dirt. Oh, yeah baby -what I do is so damned unimportant that I can just drop the bag I'm binding off for a student, rush to Home Depot and carry 400 lbs of fill dirt to the car with my sore shoulder. Uh huh. More calls ensued. Apparently the owner of the nursery was making the deliveries and had his own idea of the routing schedule, our delivery was last. The guy we hired and Gerry did some other odd jobs, dug a trench in the front yard where we have to lay a pipe, other stuff.

The truck arrived at 2:00, a dump truck - and it did just that. Dumped a pallet of stone and the mound of gravel dust onto the driveway. The driver smiled at my husband and said rather nastily, 'Have fun!' then drove off. When the pallet fell onto the driveway many of the stones broke apart (the whole reason I'd bought an ENTIRE pallet was to get larger stones.)

I was extremely pissed at this - I called Maplewood Nursery and spoke to the nice (but ineffectual) guy again who said he'd 'talk' to the owner - yeah, lots of help there. Then I called Visa and requested a claim form because - tada - I paid for the stones with my Visa and hopefully I'm covered under the buyer protection thingy. Most of the stone was not usable in the manner we'd intended, it was so small. Luckily I had purchased more than we'd need because I thought we'd do our back patio the same way in a few weeks.

In this whole mess, though, everyone kept their composure; Josh was great to work with, Gerry was a champ (his unreasonable request aside); and we finally got the 'patio' laid and sprayed down with water by 5:00 pm. Great job. I stupidly carried some of the stone and laid it in place - big, big, big mistake. I know I'm an idiot, please don't tell me... I'm going to go soak my shoulder.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Pergola - Step 1


For years I've wanted a pergola in front of the house. Well, I can't say that we're putting one in anytime soon, but we're moving ahead to step 1 of the grand master plan!

The stone 'patio' porch in front of the house will be laid tomorrow. I've bought a pallet of stone, a cubic yard of gravel dust (to be delivered tomorrow) and at roughly the same time the delivery is occuring a handyman we've hired will be here to work with Gerry and make this a reality. I take it as a good sign that the day I made the arrangements (and paid for all of this) a check arrived for a sweater that I'd forgotton I hadn't been paid for.

Here's a link to instructions for our planned front patio

It makes me happy that we'll get this first step done before we go on vacation. Also, as an indication of how long it had been since I'd weeded our front area, a kernal from my decorative corn bundle hanging on our front door somehow got into our garden area and started growing. Yes, we had a stalk of corn growing just about knee high when I pulled it. We've planted it out back and are hoping that it will actually give us an ear.

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Monday, July 28, 2003

Injured List

I pulled something in my shoulder. I think it was from carrying around a few heavy bags at the same time, with a kid in the same arm and another holding my 'free' hand.

It's been aching for about a day - I feel like that old Anacin(?) ad where the woman tries to raise her arm over her head but can't until she takes the wonder drug

Today I have a bunch of sketches and swatches to send off to Berrocco - wish me luck! I keep getting lovely comments from them, but haven't sold them a design for the past season, so I'm crossing my fingers. As I've said so often, it's not really how good the design is (although that's a large part of it) it's how well it fits into the editorial strategy for a specific issue.

I have a few other projects to finish up in the next days before leaving - I'm hoping my shoulder cooperates after I give it a rest for a bit, but to be honest the knitting doesn't hurt at all - it's carrying stuff that seems to bother it.
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Sunday, July 27, 2003


The week of preparation for the trip is starting! First mapping the route - from South Orange to Stamford (to visit Knit Together, a new shop that's opened there) then on to Cambridge (to visit the Cambridge Artists Coop to see my bracelets) and on north of Boston to stay overnight. The next day we'll try to hook up with friends from Newberryport (maybe we'll see them the night before - plans still being made...) and then on to the vacation cottage via Clara's Window. I like breaking up the trip, and it's much nicer to do the trip in short legs when traveling with kids and a DOG!

Yes, Atticus is coming with us and Gerry said the other day, "You'll be a king of Maine!" As far as I know he's neither read nor seen Cider House Rules (one of my favorite books) so his comment was entirely in earnest. Atticus WILL be a King of Maine. After last year we can't bear to take a vacation without our doggie - not one at a cabin where dogs are allowed - not after seeing how beautifully he travelled all the way down to Dallas and back!

I stopped into a yarn shop in Belmar, I thought it would be good to check out the lay of the land and see what would be around during the Retreat. Obviously the owner is loved, her shop is well stocked (perhaps a little too well stocked - I could barely navigate the shop because of the huge boxes of yarn strewn about and yarn lying on the floor)

Being a Virgo this was the 4th level of hell for me (I showed admirable restraint in not immediately rearranging the shelves, sorting the yarn.)
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Friday, July 25, 2003

Two Out, Several To Go!

I have pieces in several books coming out this year, which is exciting. A version of my knit chairseats will be in Melanie Falick's new book, Weekend Knitting and I just got word today that Deb Stoller's book, Stitch & Bitch (in which my own "bust detail top" is included) is available for purchase at! Wow, now if I could only get my OWN book published! Well - on my terms...

For those who are interested Deb will be coming to the Retreat - she's got a house in Ocean Grove (small world! I had no idea...) so she'll be stopping by the Shawmont for whatever we decide to do.

The kids were amazing at the Talent Show today. Unfortunately they were just about the last act so the only folks paying any attention to them were me & Gerry & Colby (Max's girlfriend - she was sitting on my lap. They're getting married. Max tried to take my wedding ring off my finger and give it to Colby. They're 5.)

That's Colby in the inset of the picture. She sang, "I am 16" from the Sound Of Music, loud and proud, thus winning a place in my heart forever.

"Meet me in St. Louis, LOOOOO-EEEEE!"
The poor kid at the bottom looks like he's saying, "Kill me now..."
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Talent Show

Today is the camp talent show. Hannah is doing a cheer with a few friends, and then she's going to, in her words, "Ask Max to come up so we can sing together." They're going to sing Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis They're very cute. I'll try to get a good picture and post it. My amazing kiddies!

As of today it's a week before we leave for Maine! I'm so psyched I can hardly contain myself! I heard from the Cambridge Artists Coop that they've already sold one of my hats and have a query from another customer about custom making another hat. I think we're going to try to stop by there on our way up - I'd love to see the hats in person!

We'll also stop by Clara's Window and a few yarn shops down east. If any of you know of any good shops in Maine, CT, Mass that we might see as we pass through, please let me know!
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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Engineering Knowhow

I'm blown away by creative problem solving. I like to think of myself as a creative problem solver, but just when my head gets a trifle too big I realize that the most innovative solutions DO come from a combined effort of creative minds.

One of my students in my Wed morning Sampler Bag Class came up with an idea to stiffen her bag that has blown me away. I am kicking myself that I didn't take a photo of the bag (I forgot my camera) but I'll get a shot of it for next week! She used the stiff felt you can get at any craft shop and cut it in 5 pieces (bottom and 4 sides of bags) Then she punched 3 holes in each piece along the edges and tied them together so they had a little give.

Comme ša - Gigi, tu est brilliant!

When I told her how impressed I was with her ingenious solution (her gorgeous knitting aside...) she modestly said, "Well, I'm an engineer, we're supposed to know how to do stuff like that!" Gigi is my hero of the week!

Needless to say, everyone else in the class is furiously scouring Michaels and the Rag Shop for their OWN stiffened felt. I think I'm going to try a version of this with that stiff foam sheet stuff, too.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

More Teaching...

I had a great student last night. Well, actually from the afternoon in to the evening - a very LONG class. She wasn't able to take my knitting with wire class, so she opted for a 3 hour private lesson on knitting with wire. What I didn't know - and she hadn't realized - is that she didn't knit. She crocheted. She told me when she arrived, "I looked at some books about knitting and realized that was the thing with two needles... I do crochet!"

It didn't really matter. In about an hour she was knitting better than many more established knitters do after years! We moved onto the wire, working with beads, and finally making a necklace (including pouding heavy gauge 14K gold wire to make the closures) It was a blast! She did really well - there was a terrific thunderstorm during the class and that kind of added to the drama!

This morning I have my 5th in a series of 6 bag classes at Knit & Stitch in Maplewood, then on to finishing up some swatching & other fun stuff.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Um - why the sheep?

The Virginia Fall Fiber Festival page is up - I'm teaching there and I'm VERY excited to go back to such a beautiful part of the country! (See the list to the right of the 4 classes I'm teaching) I promise that we'll have a blast - this is going to be a lot of fun!

One question, though - they have a blurb about one of my classes but I can't figure out what the subtext of the photo is?

Am I the sheep?

And what's that guy looking at?
The Fabulous FINISH?

And, follow up on the letters...

I'm amazed at how easily I located the nephew of the couple who's letters I discovered! And his wife is a genealogist! I'll be sending the letters off to her later today or tomorrow. I hope they bring some happiness to the family, they're lovely letters!
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Link Love

I love reading other blogs - they're so diverse, so - for the most part - interesting in every-day ways.

Well, I'm the sort of person who can spend HOURS pouring over discovered letters from folks I never knew who died years ago, so no wonder I like to read little tiny glimpses into other lives of folks I don't 'know'

Several years ago - a couple of years after we'd moved into our present home which we'd bought from the woman who'd lived here since 1933 - I went to a house sale about 25 miles away. In the attic I found a box of old dress patterns and letters that I bought for around $5. The patterns were really wonderful, a collection of nice 1930's styles, but the real treasure were the letters, which was a correspondence between a woman away on a trip to NJ and the man who would become her husband back home in Chicago.

detail from a special delivery stamp

What is odd, amazing and a little freaky about the letters is that the ones sent to the wife, Pauline, were addressed to a home just a block from where I live. The letters are dated throughout 1933, and in some of them "Bridge parties" with neighbors are mentioned. It makes me wonder if Pauline and the woman who owned our house ever met - ever played bridge... It's especially odd considering that I found these letters at a house sale so far from my home - about 4 towns over. Life is very funny.

But back to the blogs... Wendy's is one of my favorites. Mostly because she's just such a damned good knitter and technician, and also because she is so generous with her knowledge and her tips.

Her recent contest asking for fiber festivals has been especially helpful to me - thanks Wendy. Here's the list for those who may have missed it...
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Saturday, July 19, 2003


I was going to dred by poodle's top-knot. The more I read about it, the more I want to dred my own fabulous self. Am I insane? I'm a fat [ahem - zaftig*], white, 41 year old housewife from NJ. Is it because I'll be 42 in 6 weeks?

I have a good friend I trust for all of my hair advice - I'll run this past her. in the meantime, mon, enjoy!

*thanks Deb!
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Friday, July 18, 2003

This just in from the Shawmont

Suzanne Cherry wrote me with this info - good and helpful to know! I'll post it on the retreat page, too!

We normally have a two day minimum for the weekends but I am willing to waive this requirement for your group.Individuals will need to contact the hotel direct by telephone (732-776-6985) to make their reservations and to make arrangements for a deposit to confirm the room. At the present time, we have lots of rooms with twin beds so we should have no problems accommodating everyone. Some of our rooms have AC and others just have ceiling fans.

Individuals can make a tentative reservation and we will hold it for 10 days without a deposit. At that time, they must pay 1 night deposit to confirm the room and this is refundable (less a $15.00 processing fee) up until 14 days prior to their arrival. After that date, there are no refunds for cancellations.

I am listing the rooms and rates that your group might be interested in:
$157 - Twin beds, private bath, TV, AC
$128 - Twin beds, private bath, ceiling fan
$157 - Queen bed,private bath, TV,AC.
$ 85 - Single bed, private bath, ceiling fan
$107 - Double bed, private bath, ceiling fan

On the non-retreat front, it's life as usual around here! We're gearing up for our vacation (15 days from today and counting...) and I'm furiously knitting up swatches and finishing some projects so I won't have to take any project knitting with me. I've been intruiged by the cafe-press print on demand service they're beta-testing and I think I should start looking for a good technical editor myself and put my own book together. But what should it be on? Knitting Millinery? Knitting in the Combination Style? Knitting Furniture? Hmmmmmm.... Que pense?

I'm trying a new comments system as Yakks is just being so darned dopey and hard to use. Let's see if it actually WORKS!
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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Rooms a flyin'!

I just spoke with the reservation clerk at the Shawmont and they've received several requests already for rooms - so if you are coming please go ahead and book!

I've posted a topic at Knitters Review where those of us who are coming can hook up and perhaps find roommates! I'm so excited about this!

I also had a TREMENDOUS knitting with wire class this morning. A small class, but an AMAZING class and both of my students made wonderful clasps today for their necklaces. Unfortunately one of my students left her necklace we'd worked on at home, but the other student brought her lovely red, gold and blue beaded beauty and we added a hand-made clasp! Great job Ceil and Ami!!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Great Meetup!

Every time I come home from a meetup I'm SO glad that Athena decided to get this going in our area - THANKS you goddess!

So the seaside retreat is going to happen!! It will be the weekend of Sept 12-14 and I've put together an information page for those who are interested. I figure if we each make our own reservations that would be dandy, then if it's decided among us that we'd like to have a class I'll be happy to teach one depending on what the majority want to learn.

Check out the info page for more details - and feel free to grab the little seaside knitting logo above to plop down on your own webpage! I hope to see you there!

Bring your bathing suit and your daily stresses - with any luck we'll leave the latter behind at the beach!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Seaside Retreat

Well, I spent a sensational afternoon/early evening in Ocean Grove with my two little redheads and am even MORE convinced that this retreat is a grand idea!

Option 1 - SHAWMONT ($90 - $154 double occupancy) 9/13 weekend ONLY

This is a hotel that I'm in love with.
It would be amazing for a small group to meet at and has two lovely living room areas (in addition to a great front porch full of rockers) where we could sit and knit. It's within walking distance to restaurants and - get this - faces the ocean. Bee-you-tee-ful. The rub is that they close for the season on 9/14. Their rooms run between $90 - $135 per night (double occupancy - prices vary depending on shared bath, etc.) and there's an efficiency available that sleeps 3 or 4 with kichenette for $157.

Option 2 - OCEAN PLAZA ($120/night double occupancy - $60 per person) 9/13 OR 10/10 weekends

This is a really beautiful hotel about a block from the sea
(but with great views of the sea from the triple deck balconies.) The proprietor is happy to save us a block of rooms for Columbus Day Weekend, but I'd have to double check on availability for the 9/13-9/14 weekend.

OPTION 3 - The Manchester Inn ($75 - $95/night Double Occupancy, $38-$48 per person)

There is another hotel that I'm not so much in love with
, but it's not bad at all. They're open all year and have kindly offered to set aside a block of rooms for us over the Columbus Day holiday if we're interested.

There are single rooms available in all hotels for a bit more. I have more detailed price breakdowns on Option 1 & 3 for anyone who's interested.

If you guys feel that 9/13-14 isn't too soon, I'd love to have this in mid-September so we can perhaps enjoy a few late warm days at the ocean! Also, 9/13-14 there is some kind of famous Flea Market at Ocean Grove, which could be fun... Also, there's no law that says we all have to stay together, but I'm thinking that will be half the fun!

email me to let me know which option you'd be interested in and could commit to. If enough of you are able to commit for Option #1 I'll go ahead and plan it for the 9/13-14 weekend at the Shawmut.

This is organization at it's finest, huh?
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Treasure Box?

This always happens - I get the box, the yarn is astounding - then somehow each ball develops the ability to speak and they chide me constantly, "What are you going to DO with us??" "Why aren't you coming up with any amazing ideas?" "Do you even KNOW how to design...?" (that last is from the ball of metallic that I always ignore - I should throw it into SOMETHING just to shut it up)

Isn't hearing voices a sign of madness? I wonder which level of madness it is where one hears yarn chattering away in the basket?

Seaside Knitting Retreat

Yes, I threatened it last year - it looks like this year I may just make it a reality. I'm going down to Ocean Grove today to scope out a a few hotels and big B&B's to see which would be the best accomodations for a small group of knitters who want to get away from it all and just have some US time!

I say retreat - but really I have no plans for anything remotely retreat-like. I'm thinking maybe we can just take a long weekend in October or late September, get together and knit, have some meals together, walk on the beach - maybe go see a movie one evening - nothing too special. I'm thinking of a Friday - Sunday thing with folks staying Fri & Sat nights. Maybe we can have a nice dinner together on Friday and get acquainted? Believe me, guys, I'm open for ANY suggestions!

I thought it might be nice to offer a small class in knitting with wire or knitting a chairseat or maybe making the aline bag - something that's do-able in a weekend - and it would be up to the participants whether they wanted to take the class or not (not a requirement for the 'retreat') click here for a complete list of my classes - maybe we can pick one together...

I'll see what kind of a deal I can get on rooms today. Let me know - email me or leave a comment below if you'd like to come so I have some rough estimate of how many rooms to look for. Let me know if there's a weekend in Sept or Oct that is particularly bad (the 4th & 5th are out due to Stitches and the Virginia Fiber Frenzy)

Once the date is set I guess we can treat the reservations like a wedding or family reunion where we just get a block of rooms and everyone pays for their own. If any of you are looking for a roommate email me and I'll try to match you up with someone else who's written. If I offer a class I'll charge a nominal fee to cover materials and any extra fee for using a meeting room at the hotel

Weekly Knitting Group
A new cafe has opened up in South Orange - The Dancing Goat at the corner of S.O. Ave and Vose Ave - and it's just BEAUTIFUL inside! They have live music Wed - Sun nights, but Mon and Tues there's no music so those would be GREAT nights to start a weekly knitting group! The owner, Randall, is interested in the idea and said he'd set aside an area for us (they have sofas ladies...) Perhaps if this works out it could become the Knitting Meetup venue for our area, too?

I've had SO MANY folks approach me to set up a weekly knitting group someplace, but it's been hard to find a location where a) We could meet in the evenings and b) We could talk out loud (we're far too noisy for the library...) I think this might be the answer! Email me or leave a comment if you live in the South Orange / Newark, NJ area and would like to come to a drop in weekly knitting group! This doesn't mean that you're committing yourself to come every week, just that - given the option - you'd actually DROP BY every now and then!
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Friday, July 11, 2003

Treasure Box

I just got a box full of amazingly beautiful yarns from Berrocco. I love these boxes. They're swatching yarns for me to use to submit designs to Berrocco, and also to other venues (magazines, etc.) It's so inspiring to get a nice, big box of good yarn - and also great to see the new stuff before they even NAME some of the yarns - LOVE it!

Deadlines for design submissions are coming up for a few magazines - and a few projects are due after our vacation in Maine - I like having work to look forward to!
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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Unemployed 4 Dean!

Well, it was inevitable. You can visit our new site - which is still in process (not a lot of useful links there yet...) and look at the lovely graphics I've designed! There's also a link to the right to our cafepress store (proceeds will be donated to the DeanforAmerica campaign)

Mama Liz came up with the concept, it's so odd (and cool) to be working on this with several other folks who I've never met in person!

Great wire knitting class today - we made necklaces! I want to offer the pattern online for you guys to check out. Here it is in pdf format:

Easy Wire Necklace PDF

Let me know how the pattern works out for you - you'll need some wire, beads, size 4 & 5 needles (aluminum, old rotton ones work well). Look at the instructions for a full rundown!
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Too hot to ______

You fill in the blank.

So hot. However, I did vacuum, do the laundry and generally clean today. So much for the clutter. I also submitted a few scarf ideas for a book - they were well received which is nice. I am dreaming of the vacation cabin in Maine and KNOW that it can't begin to live up to the expectations I'm cooking up.

Yesterday the beach was amazing - just amazing. Exactly what was needed, wanted, required. I returned home to find Hannah FRIED from her visit to our neighboring community pool (they don't have shade like we do, so the kids - with 45 spf - fry) Tomorrow we'll do our pool with the huge, towering oaks. I'll take a pic and make you all jealous of fabulous South Orange!

Then there's this:

"A pink slip can make someone invisible.
And political"

This just in

Save Head Start!

This terrific program is the careful watering and nurturing we need to turn our children into helpful, promising and contributing citizens. This is a program that truly helps those who need it most.
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Monday, July 07, 2003


I'm overwhelmed with clutter. On hot days it just seems to get to me much worse. The house has little tidbits, pieces, odd items strewn about in a haphazard oh-what-the-hell-it's-summer kind of way. Makes me nuts. I work on not being nuts (or not showing that I'm nuts) and allowing the creeping clutter to just sit on it's haunches for a bit, but it does get to me.

No one else in the family is thus afflicted with the Virgo/Scots/Dutch borderline OCD personality I have, which I guess is a blessing, but it makes me lonely at cleaning time. About 10 years ago, as I was nearing a serious obsession with tidiness, I compelled myself to live in disarray for a bit - just to convince myself that it could be done. Did I mention the plaster dust?

Last week my husband volunteered me to watch our friends 2 kids along with ours (not a big deal, I volunteer him all the time - and more kids kind of makes it easier) Upon arriving home from the pool with the 4 kids I found my kitchen, our dining room, our pantry - COVERED with 1/8" of plaster dust. Why? My husband had decided to sand the walls of the downstairs bathroom before he painted it (good) but didn't close off the area with plastic or even bother to shut the doors to the dining room and kitchen (very, very bad)

I kind of gave up then. Today I'm driving down to Spring Lake to see an old friend who's visiting from CA - I'll let Gerry deal with the kids as he'll be working the next few days - I need a day to myself, boy do I need it.
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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Someone on the historic knit list mentioned this today...

Knit on, knit on...

This is a Robert Capa photo of French (soldiers? ambulance drivers?) resting and knitting during a lull. My yakks code is acting very odd and I can't read the posts at the moment. How annoying!
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Friday, July 04, 2003

Down East

Or is it Up North? I have no clue. At any rate, I've commited us to a week at a cabin in Maine the first full week in August. I feel terrific about this, as you probably can tell, because if I didn't have the promise of getting away I don't know what I'd do.

I ask myself - get away from WHAT? It's not like I'm commuting every day to an office, or that my husband does - and in all probability I'll be taking work with me (I have two pieces due the week after that for Unique Kolors) - I think it's just getting AWAY with everything that entails. New stuff to look at, a lake to sit by, new friends to visit - I'm really looking forward to it.

Here's the image of the cabin from the internet site where I found it:

Whenever we've rented a cabin or cottage for a week we've done it 'blind' - meaning online or via the newspaper - and so far we've been very happy. It's been 2 years since we've been away (we went to Vermont for a week right before 9/11)

Last year we tried to go to Virginia, but Atticus (who we're taking with us this time...) ran away the day we left so we turned around and came right home to find him. What an awful week THAT was!

I think I'm going to see if I can hook up with Clara while we're up there - stop by her new shop, see how my jewelry is selling... Maybe we can even cook up a Maine Knitting Event!
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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Unemployed For Dean

Even without a paycheck, we still have a voice.

I guess I'm not technically unemployed - but my husband is - our family is - and it's rough. I'm the hardest working unemployed person I know, but that's a lot of what freelancing is - submitting designs on spec, hoping someone will take them and then working like a maniac to get them in.

Last night I went to the knitting meetup (it was GREAT!) and Mamaliz went to the Dean Meetup in her VA area. Liz is now putting together an "Unemployed for Dean" site and I am helping her. Here's my animation:

Yesterday I also had a TREMENDOUS bag class at Knit & Stitch - everyone left having learned something great, and we all had a really good time! Today was another nice class - smaller, yes, but very exciting. My 2nd knitting with wire class and we finished - ta da! - earrings! I have amazing students.
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Tuesday, July 01, 2003


For Amy
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Alison's Scarf
Link to pdf file of cable/trellis lace scarf

Hannah's Poncho
Link to pdf file of multi-sized poncho


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