Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Ever since my brother died in late September I've had all of the siblings of the troops in Iraq on my mind. Like most of the Iraqi casualties, these folks didn't ask to be part of a police action / War, but there they are. Or, rather, there they aren't.

It's a tough day for me. I kept saying that I would 'put off' thinking about my brother until I felt I could handle it better - and today seems to be the day it's come home to roost. I think I needed to wait until after the holidays so I wouldn't be a mess in front of the kids and my mom (who doesn't need much of a push to send her over the edge - she's started chemo again and is looking better but feeling more tired than a few months ago)

The long lists I hear on the radio of those who've died since last January seem more haunting, pathetic, touching than in other years. I had said in my blog in early Septebmer, "What is WITH this year...?" - little did I know that the fellow who had been a companion since my birth - and who I had just assumed would be a companion through old age - would be leaving this life in a few weeks.

The thing about my brother was that no one could make me laugh as easily as he could - and vice versa. We found each other hysterical, even when no one else got the joke. My husband has much the same sense of humor, but Jim knew all of the early childhood references that could make me giddy with supressed giggles. We were a killer team at any Password-type game - we both have the same kind of mind (twisted).

I think no one could see through my brother the way I could. He enjoyed puffing himself up, I enjoyed letting the air out. That worked both ways. My brother told his wife once, "When I die please don't turn me into a saint like Mom has done with our father..." - which she reminded me of when I went to Texas for the funeral. I don't think she will, but my mother has already started the cannonization process on her only son. A kind of Methodist pieta. Or rather, Southern Baptist now that mom's changed her church.

I wanted to speak at my brother's funeral, but the minister said they didn't have time. He said he was afraid of people getting too emotional. I think the read reasons were twofold: 1) I'm not Baptist (I married a Jew, you know...) and 2) I am a woman.

The only person who spoke aside from the minister was Jim's wife's college roomate's husband. He may have known Jim through Karen, but he didn't really know the same Jim I grew up with - silly, star-treck loving, chevy impala driving, bob seeger fan Jimmy (no one could call him that but me!) His only reference to my relationship with Jim was to comment that, although Jim and I had our differences, deep down he was proud of me. That smarted a bit - it made it sound like Jim and I didn't speak, or had no connection. We had a profound connection, but not one that was easy to see.

It's a shame, really, because the warts and the foibles of our personality are what make us lovable. To forget the problems, the difficulties, is to somehow diminish the true memory of someone. Looking at these things straight on, and learning from them, is how we grow as human beings.

Now that Jim has died, and my cousin Tommy the year before, there are no more men left with whom I grew up. [Tommy was my Aunt Wanda's son - she died a few weeks before Hannah was born and that was a terrible blow. Wanda was more like a 2nd mom than an Aunt - her daughter Jan is really more of a sister than a cousin, and Tommy fell somewhere between cousin and uncle (he was 24 years older than I)]

Oh, my - what a sad post!

Ah, well, perhaps tomorrow - the first day of the new year - I'll feel better and write something witty or at least glib. Tonight I'm going to sit at home with my husband, drink some champagne, eat some strawberries and watch the third season of the Sopranos on DVD (we don't have cable so I catch up once a year...) Oh, and knit. Knit on Kerrie's project, as a matter of fact.

Thanks to everyone who's posted comments this year (good and bad!) and thanks so much for all of the supportive email I've received from readers of my blog.

*This is the number of troops killed in Iraq since the start of the police action in March.
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Flu..! (Or an amazing simulation...?)

I don't know what I have, it's been creeping along, mostly an annoyance and an energy stealer, but yesterday and today it's tightened it's grip on my chest and nose (and, oddly, ear) with aches, pains and pounding headache. And a fever. So I guess I have this thing - whatever it is - that's been going around. Bed for me, and fluids and maybe some sitting up and knitting.

My cousin, a nurse, seems to have the same thing and she says the only thing that works for her is OTC meds and bedrest. (Could I have gotten it from her in WV? It seems I've had something for most of December - I wonder if they've joined forces or if one actually usurped the other...? Hey, I'm delerious!)

I've been using my asthma inhaler more than I probably should.

Anyway, this seals the fate of the Vogue and FCEK submissions. They'll be emailed this time instead of sent by snail mail. I would have to have then in the mail by this afternoon for them to get in my Friday. I have a sneaking suspicion that "real" submissions are given more weight and consideration than ones that are emailed in, I know if I were an editor I might be more inclined to like a design if I could feel the swatch. I'll have to risk it. I'm very excited about the designs I'm sending in (and about the yarns I'm using). Maybe if I feel better by Friday I'll take them into NYC myself..?

Right now I'm bumming that if I stay this ill I'll miss my neighbor's party tonight. They always throw such a GREAT shindig - lots of music, drumming, dancing and the kids run wild in the rumpus-room basement of their great, lovely home. I could drag myself, but then I'd be responsible for infecting all of the other guests and would become known as Typhoid Annie in the 'hood. Sorry, the Old Navy ads have gotten to me. I've got Li'l Kim stuck in my brain, and it's NOT pleasant!

Happy New Year to my Austrailian Friends - Happy New Year's Eve to my US friends. What's it doing in England right now? Delerious, I tells ya!
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Home, & Cold...

We got home last evening after an incredibly fast trip back from West Virginia - I've never arrived home so quickly! We left around 10:00 am and got in at 7:00 - woohoo! That's including several potty stops (but no stops for food - we ate in the car).

Our house is freezing.

Why? Because we ran out of oil!!! We recently switched to an indoor oil tank in the basement (we have plans to remove the one out in the front yard in the next few years) but this tank holds much less oil than our old tank. Although we informed our oil company of this, they didn't change their delivery schedule (we used to get 3 deliveries per winter - now it will be more like 6 - they hate that because they don't get any more money, but they have to make more deliveries)

So we're freezing. Last night we all slept together under many blankets and quilts - and we were quite warm! This morning the crew are all still upstairs, I'm down here making coffee, feeding the pets and sweeping up.

The trip down was uneventful except that yours truly - the navigator - got us lost and we spent 2 extra hours on the road. I've literally driven this route dozens of times - I could do it in my sleep - and yet there we were, heading right toward Pittsburg (we were supposed to be going south at that point...) I keep making jokes about my lack of focus, the way I get lost these days, but this time it wasn't as funny.

Once we got there, though, we had a wonderful Christmas! The house we were staying in was the perfect size, it was so kind of my mother's friend to let us use it! She had sent mom several sets of keys, but none of them fit so we ended up calling a locksmith who contacted my mother's friend to get her permission to let us in the house.

The kids fears were put to rest when Santa was able to find us (hooray!) Max got his bike, Hannah her Kit doll (which she has carried around, dressing and undressing, since she first saw it!) The best gift was the opportunity to give my mom 5 full days with her grandkids (she doesn't get to see them very often). It was wonderful to see my family - we've had so much sickness and death in the past few years, but it wasn't a weepy holiday at all! We laughed a lot, had a wonderful dinner and worried about each other - family stuff.

I got some nice swatches knit up while we were away. Sometimes I'll start a swatch and then hate it a few rows in so I'll rip it out. This becomes a vicious circle as I continuosly rip and knit and rip and knit and end up with no swatch at all. Swatching in the car forces me to finish what I've sta/9\o work through whatever is annoying me about my current swatch. I finished a nice lace technique swatch, a very nice basketweave and I'm working on a shaped lace shoulder swatch. Sketches for Vogue are due this Thursday (why on EARTH am I submitting again?) and then I have a few deadlines in the following weeks. I also have some project deadlines in late Jan/early Feb to start on. It's nice to have a month of work laying ahead of me.

I resolved only to take Spirit Trail fibers with me to swatch so I would be forced to think hard about mixing Jen's beautiful strands in new ways. I had just received yarns from other yarn companies, but I have many sketches ready to send to Jen and I promised her I'd have them ready after the holidays. I'd also love to submit some of her yarns in my proposals to Vogue - wouldn't it be a gas if they used her yarn for something!? It's beautiful stuff!

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Design Process

I keep thinking that there must be a way to streamline my design process, but it never comes to me. It seems to be - at least for me - an endless spiral of swatching, sketching, thinking, researching, swatching, re-sketching, re-swatching, etc., etc., etc.,

That's the way it always seems to go. At first I thought that my lifestyle (stopping every few minutes to make a snack for the kids, let the dog in, go pick up someone at school...) might be the reason my design process seemed so fragmented. But I've come to the conclusion that it's just the way my mind works. I get inspiration from so many different places, and what has been my most important lesson is to always have a pencil and sketchbook so I can write down my ideas as soon as possible.

My next important lesson is that as soon as I work up a new stitch motif or colorwork pattern, I must RUSH to the computer and chart it before I "lose" the subtleties that make the motif special.

I have designs due on 1/2 and 1/15. I generally try to be a bit early, but that hasn't been the case for most of this year. I have projects due in Feb - which seems so far down the road but I know it isn't - and unfortunately keep putting them off to do more swatching and sketching.

The most inspiring thing that I do on a regular basis is my teaching. Working with students really gets my creative juices flowing, it's wonderful! Also forcing myself to take time for ME is a big help, but something I'm not so good at.

We're packing today, we'll load up the car tonight and head out tomorrow morning for WV (we have friends who are kindly staying here to take care of Mr. Butkus!) The doll has arrived in WV, the bike is still in it's box (I've told Gerry he MUST check to make sure all the parts are included before we head out for WV!) and other gifts are squirreled away ready to be packed in the overhead storage we bought for the trip. And, most important, we've taken the CD Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban out of the library to listen to on the trip! We are ALL set!

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Friday, December 19, 2003


It crept up on me so quickly, but now I have gifts I need to do. Luckily I have a stash of gold wire bracelets that I made a few weeks ago for teachers, librarians, school nurses, etc. at Hannah's school. I made a mad dash through Old Navy yesterday (they have the cutest small stuff at really low prices) for Hannukah gifts. These small things - tiny books, zipper bags, toy trucks - somehow turn out to be the favorites of the kids!

I finished my sister in law's jacket last night. The uneven stripes just add to the 'hand crafted' air of it, n'est ce pas? Jeez, I hope so.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Light Years Behind...

Yes, I know everyone else has done this quiz, but here I am - bringing up the rear. I'm one of the few parents I know who feel that The Simpsons is required social education for children.

I'm so like Lisa!

I originally looked up this quiz this morning hoping to find Selma. That's how I sound today. I thought I had this thing cracked yesterday (took the dog for a walk, got a lot of work done even with no power for most of the day, felt pretty good...) but today it's back and it's brought friends. Yikes. What channel is McGuyver on?

I sent in three major projects today (yes, the Cast On surplice was among them...) and now I can FINALLY get down to some hard core designing with my Spirit Trails fibers. I have design deadlnes on Jan 1 and Jan 19th for mags and yarn co's, too. I have decided that - if I can do it - I'll make Kit a sweater and try to get one done for Hannah, too. We'll see. At least I can get Kit's done by Christmas!
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Missed Knitting Group...

I can't believe how the media is terrifying parents with this stupid flu. Is this happening everywhere in the country or just here on the East Coast?

Well, I have it now - I don't feel great, but I've felt worse. I skipped knitting group tonight because the last thing I want to do is infect folks right before Christmas! I also skipped Brownies (I hated to miss it, our holiday party) and decorating gingerbread houses with Max. It was to be a full day.

I did, however, get most of the relationships worked out in a set of databases I'm designing for our school auction. There are 7 related databases that store bidder info, item info and four different types of auctions going on simultaneously (silent, live and 2 raffles). It felt good to get the relationships validated.

And today I caved. Every day Hannah says, "How many days until Christmas?" and I tell her and she says, "Woohoo! Only X days until Santa brings me Kit!" She has such faith that Kit's coming on Christmas. I'm never extravagant, always so careful, and damnit, I want to have a little extravagance for a change and get my daughter a real treat for Christmas. You can tell how hard I'm trying to justify this.

I bought the doll.

Well, thanks to a good blogger friend who sent me a discout code, I saved a bit on the doll. My mother's chipping in a little, too, so all told it's just a little more than Max's bike was (okay, quite a bit more). If any kid deserves this doll Hannah does - she's so happy with anything that I ever give her, I want her to really have something nice.

I remember SO clearly the Christmas that I got my bike - coming downstairs to the tree and seeing the bike set up - it was amazing. I'll never forget it. I'd like Hannah's Christmas to be like that, too! And I remember the year I got my "Jane West" doll - anyone else remember those? Chief Cherokee?

Maybe I can design a few "American Girl" hand knit outfits and write it off?

Okay, enough justification.
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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Design Assistance

The kitten's been helping me with my design submissions (she's modling one crocheted bracelet while I scan another.) It's due Monday - I'm late sending them out. Damn! This time IK's asking for crochet submissions for a special Crochet issue as well as regular knitting submissions for the Fall 2004 issue. I started by crocheting many years ago (I was 8 and took lessons from an older woman in Toledo) but I haven't taken it as far as I've taken my knitting. I noodled around with some Tunisian crochet, but I'm having a hard time keeping my edges straight.

Here are my submissions - on the left are the crochet, on the right the knit. Some magazines like getting "real" submissions (packages via usps with knit swatches) and some are happy to take "cyber" submissions (emailed pdf or jpg files with all the information supplied) I think if I were an editor I'd prefer the 'real' - but I'd also be open to some cyber submissions from contributors with whom I was familiar.

I want to send these instead of emailing them because - especially with the crochet - I feel it's important for the editors to be able to touch, feel and see the swatches up close.

I have to take a quick run through the house to clean it up before my finishing class today. I have a LOT of yarn to put away after my marathon swatching session of the last 2 days!

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

What a Sweet Punim*!

Yes, he's lost a tooth! He's too young! - I'm not ready for this! My baby is losing his baby teeth!! Max, stop growing up (okay, keep growing up, but just do it slower...)

Last night the potluck dinner for Hannah's student teacher was very nice - good to see the other parents, good to see how cooperative Hannah's class is! I LOVE her teacher so much (Mrs. Y), and we'll miss her student teacher (Mrs. N). Hannah's been lucky this year. It's always such a crap shoot as to whether they'll get a teacher that's a good fit for them. We hit the jackpot this year!

I'm going to take one more day to smooth out my submissions to IK, then mail them off tomorrow. It's a grey, foggy and rainy day here in NJ, so it's a good day to get a buttload of knitting, swatching, sketching and presentation-assembling done! This is sometimes hard for me to justify (after all, I may send in all this stuff and not sell a thing, meaning I've sort of wasted my time)

But it's NOT a waste. I've learned that a good design idea is a good design idea, whether anyone buys it or not, and it's just a matter of finding the right 'fit' between pattern and venue. I'll need to take this time to collect my design ideas anyway, and sometimes it's good to have a deadline to compell me to put down the knitting long enough to sketch!

Punim: Yiddish for face, usually a sweet little juicy baby face!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Final Words On The Issue

This is the last I'll post about the dredded CC issue on my blog.

I know that in this situation I was a kind as I could be, I tried to be fair and also handle it with a bit of humor. If others see it differently then I'm open to hearing their opinion. However, I don't think it's ever helpful to write nasty things about ANYONE - Melissa, myself, or any person. I don't believe I did that. The folks who are reacting from their gut are understandable. However, I am not responsible for the anger of their words. Nastiness clouds the issue and creates new complications.

I try to be as encouraging as I can be to new designers, but feel that it's imperative that we, as designers, take ourselves - and by extension our intellectual property - seriously. Not in a legalistic sense as much as in a humanistic sense.

Some of the criticism stings, but after the past few years I've had NO mere words can really hurt me deeply. But I do hear it, and try to use it to evaluate my actions.

If knitting can't teach us equanimity and a bit of patience, then what good is it?

And, when all the dust settles, we need to remember that we are all imperfect humans who are graced with the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. To deny mistakes are made is to harden ourselves and close our minds.

My blog has evolved into a 'window into the life of a working hand-knit designer.' I've heard from MANY knitters and designers who've written to say it's been a help to them. They enjoy feeling less "alone" in the sometimes isolated world of knit design. I intend to continue in this vein. I intend to try to present "dialogue, not diatribe" (to quote a local NYC radio host) on issues that are important to hand knit designers.

And also to talk about my kids.

Moving On

Last night was the last session of my Beginning Knitting class. The students were amazing - really great knitters. One of my 'beginning' students is actually tackling the Alison Scarf (pdf file link) and she's doing it beautifully! The students who were here have asked me to add a "Goal Oriented Knitting" class after the new year so they can continue with their projects. I think I'll do it. It will be a Tuesday evening class where folks can bring the projects they're working on or start a new one and I'll guide them through it and help them with tricky steps. Ideally a few students will finish items before the end of class so we can spend some time focusing on finishing techniques.

I'm sending out a project and an article today to Cast On. I had submitted a design for a lace edged surplice top, and after it was accepted I proposed an idea for an article explaining how to take an existing lace motif and turn it into a lace edging. The proposal was accepted, and I'm excited to see a piece of mine and a related article together in a magazine - what a nice fit!

I have a few pieces to finish up for another deadline on 12/19, but before that I have design submission deadlines on 12/15! Yikes! I've set aside some time to concentrate on my submissions, but it always seems like I never have enough time to really let my mind BREATHE for a spell before submitting. I've noticed this week, though, that the most energizing thing for me - the thing that charges my design batteries better than any spa visit, is teaching a class of striving students. I really love that!

Tonight's a pot-luck goodbye dinner for Hannah's class student teacher. She's been phenomenal and it's a rotton time for our oven to stop working (goodbye easy to make cassarole...) If anyone has a simple one-dish stove-top pot luck type recipe I'd love to try it!
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Lots of heat - any light?

To answer a few comments...

I don't think it's complicated either, Debra - I contacted Amy yesterday morning. She told there was nothing she could do about it. I didn't ask that she remove the design - as a matter of fact in my email to her I stressed that I didn't want Melissa to feel bad about her first published piece - but I wondered if she could offer a link to my hat kit to sort of offset my lost sales. It's my best selling hat pattern - grandparents love it... go figure! She said it wouldn't be right.

Kerstin and Steph: I respect your opinion(s), but it would take a lot of hard work to see nastiness in my last post, or to glean that I "convey the impression that she [Melissa] has ripped you [Annie] off with some sort of intent" If that's how it read then I sincerely apologize to Melissa.

Melissa and I have been emailing about this and I feel we've come to a nice resolution - I've encouraged her to continue designing, told her how cute I thought her hat was (of course I think it's cute, I designed it too!) and complimented her model.

Melissa strikes me as the type of woman who can fight her own battles, which is the best thing you can say about anyone! I don't think that Melissa feels that I said she ripped me off (oy, THAT'S a convoluted sentence!) - but then again, I can't put words in someone else's mouth.

If she does feel that way, I can assure her - and the world, god, and everyone else who reads this - that (once again - say it with me everybody...)

I don't for a moment think that Melissa Walters "stole" my idea

I never implied, insinuated or even thought that Melissa had "ripped me off", but as my pattern IS copyright protected it is incumbent on me as the owner of that copyright, on behalf of myself and all designers who earn their living by selling patterns, to set the record straight. As far as ranting - well, I hadn't thought I was ranting but of course you have every right to believe I was. And here I am, ranting, day 2. Stop me, before I rant again!

This is an
important issue - not just my little piece of it, but as an issue that all designers and all knitters who buy patterns have to contend with. And I do feel that it is incumbent on an editor to scan the horizon and see what else is out there. That's part of being an editor. And, like all humans, editors are not perfect and make mistakes and can't see everything that's out there. When a mistake is made, it's good to try to correct it and learn from it.

All I'm asking is that we - the knitting community, designers, pattern purchasers, interested bystanders and the cats that love them - All I'm asking is that we LEARN from this and try to be careful as we present new patterns. As a costume and set designer, I know that no one works in a vaccuum - that inspiration is NOT theft - and that we are affected by everything we see.

I also know that you can't really tell those two hats apart.

And, here's a thought - how do you think Melissa would react if I hadn't said anything and my hat showed up in the next issue Vogue? (which it won't, sadly...) I recently had a sweater in Stitch & Bitch which looked a LOT like a sweater in Interweave Knits. IK came out first, and as soon as I saw that sweater I emailed the editor at IK to make sure she understood that the sweater in S&B wasn't a steal, that it was a coincidence.

That was an instance where two sweaters were being published almost simultaneously, different from this situation where my hat pattern had been published last year. But please believe me that if I had seen that sweater in IK before I sent the sample to S&B I would have had Deb and Pam on a conference call to discuss the situation and would have offered to pull my design. I hadn't done anything wrong, but it just wouldn't have felt good to me.
and isn't that what this is all about - me feeling good... heh heh
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Monday, December 08, 2003

Which Twin Has The Toni?

The one on the top is in the new issue of Knitty. The one on the bottom is a hat I designed two years ago, have published on my blog, have shown in many of my classes and for which I sell a kit on my website.

I don't for a moment think that Melissa Walters "stole" my idea (I love her blog and read it frequently) I'm sure that she came up with the design independently, and it's not uncommon for several designers to have the same brainstorm when they play with a yarn. And, let's face it, a 'coonskin cap is a no-brainer when faced with a raccoon-type yarn!

But it's not about theft, it's about due dilligence. A google search for "knit coonskin cap"* displays my pattern as item #4. An additional search for "knit raccoon hat" or "knit coonskin hat" also turn up my name and a link to my pattern.

Ironically, I'm currently working with Amy on a Sandesgarn Funny faux fur piece for the book she's putting together for a book packager. I think all of the designers are getting paid about the same but I'm doing it because the design's already out there and I really like Knitty! (In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I had been approached by the same book packager last year, but it wasn't a good fit between me and the designs they were looking for - Knitty is a MUCH better fit for the project!)

I love knitty - I think it's a huge knit-enhancing entity and I'm SO glad it's here - but with a little more free-flow of ideas this kind of oversight wouldn't happen. Somtimes there's so much SECRECY about this stuff. I get a little turned off when I visit someone's blog and there's a breathless I've-got-a-secret-and-it's-so-cool-but-I-can't-tell-you buzz about an item in knitty.

Folks, it's knitting, not espionage.

Like I said - I LOVE knitty - but f'heaven's sake I write about MY upcoming designs on this blog (not with full images and charts, etc., but I do discuss inspiration, yarn choices, etc.) A little healthy give-and-take is not a bad thing. Ironically, I'd thought about submitting this hat design to knitty but thought that since I'd already published it for sale it wouldn't be kosher.

But, sadly, what this really points out is that my patterns aren't all that well known out there in the real world! Hmmm, I wonder if Knitty'd put a link to my kit on that pattern...?

I think Melissa's made a cute hat! It's a great photograph and an adorable model. It's a nice simple pattern - perfect for a weekend knit-up. (And if you want to buy a kit, the pattern I sell is in several adult and child sizes, and is available at slightly less than retail...)

But - in all honesty - why buy a pattern when you can get one on the internet for free?

The readership of knitty is much larger than my own readership, so the sad fact is that most folks who eventually see my hat will conclude that my design is a derivation of Melissa's. That smarts a little.

*I realize that one might not automatically think "coonskin cap" when they see this hat (unless they remember that these hats were made wildly popular by the Davy Crockett TV show in the 1950's and were called, universally, 'coonskin caps - but then I may be a trifle older than the average knitty reader...)


Modesitt Tartan Technique

After reading the Girl from Auntie's excellent post about copyright, invention, unvention and subjugation, I have decided to make this technique, which I may or may not have invented, public. I like to call it the Modesitt Tartan Technique, but you can call it whatever you want! It involves using slipped stitches on double pointed needles to make a plaid. Here's a link to a chart of this technique. Let me know if anyone else has seen this!

Four Row Repeat over an even number of sts on dpns or circs
work 2 rows on RS, then 2 rows on WS
Row 1 (RS): With MC, knit. Slip work back toward right point of dpn.
Row 2 (RS): With CC, [K1, sl1] repeat
Row 3 (WS): With MC, purl. Slip work back toward right point of dpn.
Row 4 (WS): With CC [p1, sl1]

The plaid comes from adding color bands to rows 1 & 3 - ie,
Row 1 (RS): K6 in A, k6 in B, k6 in C
Row 3 (WS): P6 in C, p6 in B, p6 in A


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Sunday, December 07, 2003

When I was a girl...

I used to walk 12 miles to school, uphill both ways, in 24" of snow!

Now I just have to get my husband to shovel through the snowdrift piled up by the plow in order for me to get to the Newark Museum to teach my class!

It was an exceptional class - everyone learned something - some learned MANY things! I love the folks who take classes at the Newark Museum, and I loved that they had the determination to SHOW UP today. Woohoo! Ladies, thank you for a lovely, full, rich day of knitting.

If any of you are in the Newark area you should stop by and see the quilt exhibition - it's really exceptional and worth the price of admission. The Newark Museum is a gem in our area - we are lucky to have it!
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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Non-Meetup Meetup

I forget how much fun it is to just hang out with my knitting buddies and be silly - and I LOVE Cosi! It's so great - lends itself much more readily to sitting and having a nice cup of coffee than Borders (although Borders is terrific, too - but it's getting rather noisy and crowded during our knitting meetups - how DARE it!) I needed an evening out with friends, that's for SURE!

New Classes

I've added some new classes for the winter/spring! And at the knitting meetup last night I was asked if I'd have a Finishing Class before Christmas, so I think I will! Space is limited because the class is held at my home. Click here for more information!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Non Meetup Meetup

For various reasons - mostly illness or family illness - I haven't made it to a Knitting Meetup or non-Meetup Meetup for weeks! I miss the yarrrn pirates (ahoy!) but I'll be seein' the blaggards this evening at Cosi!

Looking forward to it - yahoo!

I intended to spend the day working on some new samples, but of course I didn't... Instead I continued knitting on the tiny fiestaware coffee/tea set I'm making (so CUTE) and did a bit of writing. I find myself becoming frighteningly metaphysical as I write this stuff up. Perhaps it's a bad idea to watch my Galileo documentary while I'm composing my knitting prose?
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


I've been so tired lately - again - I think it's the change in routine as much as anything else! Yesterday I re-knit a section of one project several times (THAT'S when I know I'm tired...) then after Brownies - where I was so exhausted I almost lost my voice - I came home, ate dinner and laid down for a few mintues before the knitting meeting at the Dancing Goat.

I woke up at 7:00 this morning - and don't feel any more refreshed! Everyone seems to be getting some kind of headcold / body ache thing, and I guess I'm no exception! I have been compelling myself to walk at least 20 minutes every day (the dog LOVES that!) But I feel foggy, not quite here - unable to make a decision. As with my other "trips" this fall, I think the past weekend (Thanksgiving) was akin to a long trip for me and now I'm recovering from it.

I finished the sweater with the mystery yarn and it's -well - quite sexy! I really need to see it on someone to make sure it's not going to be too outré for Cast On!

There's a very fat squirrel who's been raiding my birdseed. He is scary.

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