Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crisis Averted

The package arrived, the shawl has been run over to the photo shoot. Details at eleven.

Thank You St. Anthony! (see, he helps us Methodist quasi/Jewish folk, too!)

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Calling All Saints

The package I sent to Vogue on Monday (actually, Gerry sent it from NYC) hasn't arrived. The shoot is tomorrow. Inside was an incredibly labor intensive shawl I worked up for them.

I'm an idiot for not insisting on FedEx, for not insuring it and for not getting delivery confirmation (or making sure that Gerry did...)

The PO near VK says that there's a good chance it is being delivered even as I write.

If you know St. Anthony, put in a good word for me...
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In The Details

Architectural detail on a building in Newark, NJ

Gerry's making me a turkey burger, the kids are engaged and I'm knitting. Fever is down, so even though I'm hot, I'm not HOT. Or maybe I am and that's why I'm getting the turkey burger...

I tell you, there's nothing like working on worsted weight merino wool in the sticky, humid heat. I feel so bad for the poor sheep now, and from this point will take personal delight in their haircuts.

The projects I'm finishing are going slower than I'd hoped - partly because I lost most of this past weekend to kneeling in unattractive positions, but also because I'm doing a lot of ripping out and re-designing as I knit. Oh, THAT'S productive...

I'm finishing up a beautiful body skimming Malabrigo merino sweater. I hadn't intended for it to be this close fitting - I meant for it to be an oversized sweater. But the yarn is so soft and incredibly yummy (it almost feels like alpaca), and every time I'd put it on the mannekin the drape kept trying to cling to the body - definitely a case of the knitted fabric telling me what it wanted. So I ripped, ripped, ripped and reworked the pattern as a more close fitting garment. Well, I will say that it's definitely more romantic!

And I finished one of the corsets for the book (there will be 2) and I'm pretty happy with it. I have to remove the sleeves and rework them so they fall more forward, but the fit (as seen in this VERY high contrast photo - sorry) is good and flattering. I used Berroco Touchˇ for this, and it was a real delight to work up!

Have I mentioned that Hannah and Max's pocket's are bulging with the quarters they've earned by rolling balls of yarn for me? At this rate I'll be asking them to pay for the move themselves!

Speaking of move, we're trying to arrange a week long trip out to MN this summer so the family doesn't feel like I'm selling them a pig in a poke. I'm leaning toward flying out (I can use frequent flyer miles for at least one ticket) renting a car and landing someplace for a week. Gerry was wondering if there might be someplace we could rent for a week (either in or out of the Twin Cities area - we don't mind driving) and I told him I'd mention it on my blog. If anyone knows about a place for rent for a week in August, it would be folks who read my blog!

We've hired a painter to replaster and paint almost the entire interior of the house. Even with G and I painting 3 rooms (but not the trim or ceiling - that's for the painters) the estimate is $7,400. Yikes. A friend with a house twice our size paid $20,000 several years ago to do the inside of her house, but that was with a LOT of plaster work. Another friend paid $3,000 to paint the entire inside of her house, but she has a more modern house with no molding (and no plaster work to re-do, no wallpaper to be removed...) It was a stop and gulp moment, but that's why we took out a line of credit on the house a few years ago - so we could take care of maintenance and keep the house in good shape. We just keep telling each other, "$7K now will mean an additional $20K when someone falls in love with the house in 'move in condition'" Yeah, right...

And even having said that, we're still not 100% committed to moving. I think we're 70% there (I'm 100%) but the rest of the family will need to SEE MN to fall in love. There are, however, things about Jersey that we'll miss so much.
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rembrance of Roadtrip Past

Here are some photos from my recent trip - photos I meant to post while on the road (if I hadn't left my camera cable in a hotel room...)

This is a water tower in Ypsilanti, MI.

Apparently cities that start with a vowel are turn-ons.

I stopped at a Steak n' Shake, and ordered a burger. When I told the guy all I wanted on it was lettuce, he took me VERY seriously. Salad on a bun.

Driving down to Indianapolis I stopped in Auburn, where we lived for a few years when I was little. This was our house on the corner of First and Main Sts, I loved that house so much (the cruiser is parked over on the corner)

While we lived in Auburn my dad managed the Gamemaster Coat Factory, which was housed in the Auburn Cord factory. I think that was the last incarnation of the plant before it was finally bought back and refurbished as a museum. The architectural details, though, were the same as I remembered. How weird it was to walk into Mr. Cord's office and have a flashback of my own dad's office 40 years ago.

In the gift shop was a photo of one of the Cord cars in front of a dry goods store named after my husband. Not really, but a girl can dream. I liked the coincidence, though - very groovy. See, the guys in the photo are angels...

And, as you know, I have this thing about institutional bathrooms. Perhaps this was the genesis of it?

When I got to Indianapolis I walked past the fountain in the circle

... and had the strongest urge to jump in. I didn't. Indianapolis thanks me.

Pertinent to Nothing
While I was sick over the past few days I found myself thinking about the great beyond, which brought up the idea of an afterlife, which made me ponder different folks' conceptions of heaven, which led me to universally accepted beliefs (there are none) and that made me ask myself, "Wouldn't the terrorist bombers be pissed if they get to paradise and find out the virgins are guys?" Just asking.
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Porcelain Goddess

I'm sick. I've been up since around 4:00 paying homage to the porcelain goddess, and she's done NOTHING to help me. So much for religion.

THIS is why I shouldn't have come home to all those kid germs (and the multiple graduation ceremonies, and the trip into NYC, and my already compromised immune system due to my long teaching gig) I tried knitting to settle my stomach and take my mind off of whatever stomach flu thing this is, but I can't even finish a row.

More late. Hve to run.


It's official - I'm here in SO for the weekend, chained to the bed or bathroom (don't get excited). I'm off to sleep. The kids are watching Zathura and they're FIGHTING over the ending, is that priceless, or what? Oh, f'heavens sake, kids, be quiet.

I am very, very sorry that I'm cancelling my gigs this weekend. If you were supposed to go to a class which I was to teach, email me and I'll send you a consolation pattern (your choice) off of my website. I am so sorry, really. I know how bereft I feel when something I'm looking forward to is cancelled, and I can commiserate. I feel very sad, too.
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I can type as fast as I knit, really...

So why don't I write? I don't call, I don't write, I'm beginning to feel that I don't love me...

Yesterday was a city day - and lucky for me it was a relatively cool one. My editor at Potter and I had lunch (VIEWS OF CENTRAL PARK!) and then went over the projects, projecting due dates (I'm really in much better shape thanI was afraid of...) and discussed book stuff (styling the sweaters, etc.) The "2 hour meeting" ended up eating about 6 hours of my day, but that's the way it always is...

I got a butt-load of knitting done yesterday, though, and a further butt-load today. (That's a technical knit-designer term, it's equivalent to five "bunches" or exactly 75% of a crapload.) and feel in good shape to run down to Maryland for some bueno teaching this weekend at two of my favorite locations. Ah, Jacqui, I can hear those corks squeezing themselves out of the bottles right now! And dear Ellen, is my room in the manse ready?

Honestly, you'd think I'd be full up with the travel, but I'm really looking forward to another drive in the ol' PT (I got it washed up yesterday - it GLOWS!) And, as always, teaching energizes me in ways nothing else can.

So, I'm relatively sanguine and ready for some prime TV watching tonight. On PBS a show begins on The Monarchy (a secret passion of mine, early British kings and queens) and that seems like GOOD knitting viewing!

I'd post photos of the corset that I worked up in 2 days (not one - definite bust and sleeve rip-out and reshaping angst) but I have that pesky camera cable problem and haven't hied my sorry buttock to ye olde Circuit City to get a cable or a card-reader. I am a layabout.
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Monday, June 19, 2006

REAL Quick!

Applying makeup in Pittsburgh at Knit One. Did I mention that the shop has TERRIFIC light?

Once again, I apologize that this is such a short blog entry ...

I've been knitting like a maniac, writing up patterns, rechecking patterns, other stuff. I have so friggin' much to do and it IS getting done, but my goodness it's hard to knit in the heat!

Here're a few things that I made / finished in the past 2 days:

This dress was knit by Laura in Texas - she sent the pieces to me and I finished it (sewed it together, blocked it, make the collar and belt, sewed the picot hem.) It's hard to tell, but the hem is really lovely, and the dress looks EXACTLY as I envisioned it! It's worked in Louet MerLin

The Raspberry Silk & Mohair confection was my TNNA project - If anyone saw me working on something at TNNA, it was this... This top has a built in shelf bra (which I have to add elastic to...) and the strap placement is still in debate. My hope was to make a sexy tank top that anyone could wear - we'll see... The yarn was a dream - Artyarns Silk Rhapsody, Regal Silk and Silk Mohair. Fun!

The blue and white 'restoration' inspired kimono top (blue and white, in Karabella Vintage Cotton) was started by a knitter, then returned to me after some discussion about the amount of yarn yet needed, etc. It knitted up faster than I'd expected, and used less yarn than either of us expected, but then again - I wasn't expecting to knit it up!

Tonight my plan is a corset, and a hat tomorrow. Then I'll have a goodly amount to take to my editor on Wed so she can take herself off of the heart medication. I'll stay on mine for a bit longer...
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Friday, June 16, 2006

2 busy 2 write 4 long

I'm insane.

It's amazing to be home - as I climbed into bed last night Gerry was sleeping (he goes to bed a few hours before me) and I just thought about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and healthy family. I'll be knocking wood all day...

Being home centers me, I'm able to work through my deadlines, figure out what MUST be done NOW, and what can be held off for a few days. I have yarn to send out to some knitters, some sweaters from another knitter which was returned and has to be knit up quickly. I finished the self-bra tank top yesterday and I'm REALLY happy with it. I also received one of the BIG projects, a dress, and I'm happy with it, too! Blocking is an amazing thing - it makes fabric drape so nicely - and that's just what this dress needed. Now to do the finishing (sewing in sleeves, collar, hem) and move on to the NEXT project.

This book is a big, big project.

I'll write more when I have more time. Right now my mind is so focused on getting the work done that I can't really spend time blogging. But I will soon - promise!
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blurred Past Vision

The last few days are a blur of activity, yarn, old friends, new acquaintances and knitting! Oy. One would think I'd been drinking...

I was based at the Artyarns booth - I love helping Iris and Elliot with their yarns, I find them very inspirational and I just love Iris so much! I'm almost embarrassed at how much Artyarns I will have in my next book, but once you start thinking in a yarn, it's hard to stop!

When I left their booth to visit other yarn companies where I had business (meeting people face to face, picking up sample yarn, showing a partially finished sample, selecting another yarn for a book project) I noticed that I received a totally different reception when wearing a red-print vendor badge as opposed to the black-print shop owner / teacher badge I wore at TNNA San Diego. I think some folks thought I was a yarn spy. (Perhaps it's my amazing resemblance to Jennifer Garner..?)

There's always that fear - and it's not unbased - that 'yarn spies' are on the move, checking out fiber and thinking of ways to recreate a competitor's new fiber or colorway. However, you just have to do your own work - keep your head down and look at your own hands - and do what feels right. Of course there will be inspirations, even echoes of other folks' inspiration, in my work. We can't help but be influenced by the work we see around us. But as long as we do what comes from our own spirit we're making our own contribution.

Someone whose designs I admire greatly (a fellow student in grad school) once said something to the effect, 'If you're not influenced by other designers, you're working with your eyes closed.'

Being at TNNA was a tremendous ego equalizer for me. Not having any of my classes selected for the curriculum, not having a booth of my own, not having any reason to actually be at the show kept my head from growing too large for my hat. But being at the Artyarns booth, meeting so many folks who love their yarns and my designs, was very positive.

Every time I'd begin to get a slightly swelled head, though, hard reality would set in. Several times Iris would introduce me to someone and the blank look on their telegraphed that they had NO idea who I am or what I do (and it's not like they should, really, but Iris has a higher opinion of me than might be merited!) I met equal amounts of folks who like my work and those who have no idea who I am, and both of those types of meetings are good for the soul.

Among other folks I met (or re-met) were Rob & Mat from Threadbear, Lorna Miser (hey Laura!), Edie Eckman, Beth and the whole Lorna's Laces gang, Barry Klein from Trendsetter (I'm working up a scarf in one of their amazing yarns right now for Vogue), the Main Street Yarn crew and Debi from Whole Nine Yarns, Amy Swenson, the Lantern Moon folks and Leigh Radford (what a thrill THAT was!), the "Dixie Chicks" Ann and Kay (who oddly share a version of my own name, Annette Kay...). I connected with the Vogue Knitting ladies (hi Adina!), had lunch with Pam Allen (I love her) and reestablished a friendship with Nancy Thomas, who I used to work for and who I admire so much!

It was exciting to put names to faces I only read on email, and to reconnect with list friends like Jennifer Hansen and Chris de Longpre. And I got to meet Tilli Tomas herself - actually, Tracy - but it was a blast! And, lest I forget, just when I thought my feet would fall off my legs on Sunday afternoon Jim from Colonial Needles brought over his own leg and foot massager for me to use as I sat and chatted with folks! Bless him!

I feel so blank, now, I know that I'm leaving out hugely important and dear friends, but my brain is mushier than usual.

After leaving TNNA later than I wanted (2:00 pm) I drove into Ohio and over to Cambridge, then totally pooped out and felt that discretion was the better part of driving, so I pulled off and stayed overnight at a Best Western - enjoying the cable and the FREE high speed wireless internet (something that the Hilton wasn't able to provide - go figure...) Up at 7:00, on the road at 8:00 and into Pittsburgh at 10:00 to the Squirrel Hill neighborhood (where I lived over 15 years ago when I took a stab at Carnegie Mellon U)

I'm at Knit One on Murray Ave in Pittsburgh right now, with an hour before my first class and a chance to rest and relax on their exceptionally lovely shabby chic sofa in some of the best light I've ever seen at a yarn shop! I put my makup on using it, it's so great!

Last night I finished polishing the intro to Men Who Knit and sent it to Lark - that should be my last original contribution to the book (the rest will be revisions, corrections, etc.) I'm dismayed that the book won't be out before Christmas, we were really hoping that this would be a holiday book. It bums me out (man). But, regardless of when it comes out, I'm hoping it will be an exciting and invigorating book!

And now back to my fevered knitting to get Romantic Knits done in time. Did I mention that I saw my editor at TNNA? We had a nice, short chat which ended with her saying, "July 7th..." - that's my deadline. Yikes.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Visit To The Past

On the way down from Ann Arbor to Indianapolis, I stopped in Auburn to visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. This had special significance for me as in the late 60's my dad managed the Gamemaster Coat Company, which was then housed in the old Auburn Cord building. This same building has been refurbished and turned into the ACD Museum, but most of the details that I remembered seeing when I was a six year old kid, running around like a maniac in my own private art-deco playground, remain the same.

It was my first visit in 40 years, it was very odd. Walking in the side door (we never used that door, we always used the front door), walking up the big staircase, visiting my dad's old office - the feeling was indescribable. It was exciting to see it, but I felt very lonely knowing that my mom, dad and brother, who would have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful cars so much, are all gone. I took massive amounts of photos, but because I can't upload them I won't post them right now.

I also stopped by our old home - a lovely foursquare brick which looked, as expected, much smaller than I remembered.

I hung around Auburn for about an hour, then drove on to Indianapolis. It was good to arrive in this beautiful midwestern city and check into a hotel for some rest after a long drive!

I hate that I have to pay for internet in the room here (and not even wireless...) but the room is pretty nice. I also hate that the cable is terribly limited (no Comedy Central, TCM or History Channel) but the bed is soft and the sheets are lovely.

TNNA - Day 1
I arrived at the Artyarns Booth this morning (at the end of rows 4000 and 3000) but I was a little late because due to some mix-up my name wasn't on the AY list to receive a pass. Annoying, but easily remedied. I meant to walk around and visit a lot of booths, but I barely made it to three or four in my down time from Artyarns! Tomorrow I'll take some time and visit the places I really NEED to visit -

I had lunch with Pam Allen, it was so good to get a chance to sit down with her and just talk for an hour! What a luxury, something we haven't had in 3 years! I got to see some old friends, meet new ones and put some faces to email addresses! My editor at Potter hadn't realized I'd be here, so I'm hoping that explains why my invitation to the Potter party came from one of the Mason Dixon Knit girls (I got to meet both Ann and Kay today - that was so cool, they're SO funny and nice!)

It was lovely to get a chance to spend time with Iris and Elliot at Artyarns, to see the new Cashmere and so many of Iris's great designs for her upcoming Lace book. I also got a good amount of work done on a tank top for Romantic Knits while walking around, talking to yarn shop owners and other folks at the booth.

Tomorrow more of the same - I hope my feet hold out!

For dinner I met up with some good friends from Lambikins Hideaway, Donna (my hostess), Sara (my long lost sister) and Kathy (who calls herself a new knitter but is spectacular) and we laughed, drank, ate, and laughed some more all the way through dinner. Most excellent! Afterwards we went back to their suite for some more chat, and now I'm finally 'home' in my own room with a $3 Diet Coke and $4.50 bag of chocolate almonds to cap off an exciting Saturday night in Indianapolis.

Pictures to follow when my camera is talking to my computer again!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

On to Indiana!

First of all, yes - I was wrong, Girl of the Limberlost IS set in Indiana. I got mixed up, sorry.

The car's packed, I'm ready to head down to Indianapolis for TNNA and some good ol' schmoozing and boozing (let's be honest...) and some prime knitting, too! I've always wanted to open a yarn shop / wine bar and name it Knit One, Sip Two - but that's another story...

I've had a lovely time here in Ann Arbor! I've always heard how great it is, but I hadn't visited it. It may as well be in a different galaxy from Toledo (a scant 44.7 miles from my childhood address) and I really fell in love with it. Not enough to foreswear my move to Minneapolis, but I'd visit here any day and stay for a long time!

I got my hair cut yesterday - it's very nice. Maybe a little bushier than I'd anticipated, but I think that has to do with relative humidity and the newness of the cut. It usually takes a few days for the effect to settle down - and overall I'm very happy! I went to Grace at Salon Vertigo (everyone has to wear their hair like Kim Novak) and asked for the Jimmy Stewart special.

I also REALLY want to mention how fabulous the guys at Naylor's were - just spectacular! I might not feel so sanguine if my fuel pump hadn't been covered by warranty... Everyone there was so nice, so friendly and really helpful - thanks guys!

I walked around downtown Ann Arbor and found one of the fairy doors - with a little, tiny fairy shop inside of it at Peacable Kingdom. I had SUCH a great time at this shop, and bought much stuff for the kids to play with when I get home! I especially like the tiny little locks and keys I bought - and for me the roses to decorate my car windows and the "W stands for WRONG" bumper magnet. I may need to remove that as I work my way further into Indiana...

But even with all of these magnificent treats in the day - the two main events were breakfast and the evening!

I ate with Jillian Moreno - and I am very happy! I really love her work, LOVE Big Girl Knits, and love her sense of humor! We shared stories, dished about editors-in-common (only good stuff... yeah, right.) and basically just had a great meal - Jillian, Lisa (my hostess) and me. AND I drank WAAAAAY too much coffee and suffered throughout the day for it!

8 Knitters came over to Lisa's last night and we had a potpourri class of my favorite bits and things - cabling without a cable needle, bobbles, some i-cord stuff, other niceties... We had a really good time, but I think it took them a few minutes to 'get' my sense of humor. After that the vibe was most excellent and I feel that everyone left learning a LOT about their knitting and opening their minds to whole new ways of playing with their yarn. I can honestly say that I have SELDOM had a more studious and hard working class - these were AMAZING women. You go, girls!

So off I go, in the newly fuel-pumped PT Cruiser, to Indianapolis! With any luck I'll be there by dinner, with a brief stop off in Auburn to visit a childhood home (we lived there for a year, I'd love to see our house again) and a DEFINITE stop at Cracker Barrel for a new book on tape and maybe some oatmeal for breakfast!

I cannot thank Lisa enough for her kind putting-up-with-me for an unexpected 3 days, for arranging some knitting classes to help fill the void created by the loss of my other gig - thank you SO MUCH LISA! I can't wait until I get my camera to spit out those pictures so I can show you her amazing cottage of a home!

Pictures later when I'm able to upload them
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Whole New Day!

The car is being towed... But the good news is today I picked up the car in the afternoon and the entire damage (to me) was $0.00. Chrysler didn't get off so cheaply, but that's why we love the warranty!

I woke up surrounded with a green veil in a comfy bed, with a cat looking down at my from above... A black cat with green eyes, staring at me through a window, hungry, wanting me to get up and pet and/or feed her. It felt like being home...

The whole backyard of the glassed in porch-room where I'm staying is green, green, green - so lovely and so peaceful - and a wonderful place to wake up and get my head back on straight!

So today after a really cool breakfast of eggs, rice, bananas and tomato (yes, it was delicious...) my hostess took me out to a friend's home where we had thrown together a six person class on knit millinery (after my previous engagement fell through we were able to cobble together two classes over the next two days - one on millinery and one on cabling without a cable needle tomorrow) and we had a BLAST!

The knitters were really into new techniques, and I tried to cover everything that might need to be accomplished (technique-wise) to create a millinery piece. We made small, round, wired swatches, crocheting the circles that we created onto small brim-wires that we also made up. I feel very certain that many of the women in this class will be making chapeaux this summer!

I also got a nice surprise when my hostess was able to download my photos from my camera's memory card, so I can show some lovely pictures from Mac island this past weekend...

Fort Mac - an absolutely lovely place to knit on a June afternoon!

Han's getting near the teen years - is this evident from the photo? I love Gerry in this photo - that's a shirt that I got him at the E Bauer outlet, an early Father's Day present.

Here's the view from our hotel room - the kids are having a blast in the lake (pink sky, pink water, pink kids...) The water was cold, but they wouldn't admit it and would have rather spent 10 minutes in the lake than an hour in the pool That's BORING!

Max found a horseshoe on the island, and it made him incredibly proud and happy! Hannah was a little miffed that she didn't find one, too, but Max had the eagle eye on the way out of the butterfly house and spied the horseshoe first.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Devil's Day

Although I promised my husband I'd stop by Hell, Michigan today, I didn't.

Apparently I didn't need to, though, to make my 6/6/6 experience complete...

The day started magnificently - I awoke in a simple and cheerful room in a peaceful B&B on Mac Island (Haans 1830 house) and had a delicious breakfast, 2 cups of tea and a lovely chat with the owners and a few nice folks from Iowa. They're firmly in favor of a move to Minnesota, by the way.

Then an brisk walk to the dock, scenic ferry ride back to my car, uneventful drive down to Ann Arbor, at which point all hell broke loose...

Actually, in the scheme of things it's pretty minor, but things have a way of exponentially feeling more devastatingthan they really are when I'm away from home for more than 2 weeks.

First, after a few phone calls between my next engagement and myself, it became clear that the chemistry just wasn't going to work. Sometimes this happens, and I'm thinking it's a very good thing to discover this before either of us is put in a position where we do or say things we'd regret. It makes me very sad - and a misunderstanding is always troubling - but this is why there are so many yarn shops!

Each one has such a different personality - and when I teach I find myself subtly changing each class to reflect the atmosphere I sense in any venue. Sometimes a class is wildly successful, sometimes moderately so. I'm trying to learn to develop a better instinct - or rather, to listen to my immediate first-impression instinct - when setting up new classes.

Trusting one's instincts is a scary proposition at times. But it's no more than I ask my students to do in every class that I teach - and my instincts tell me that this is an engagement that wouldn't be a positive experience for me or the shop.

Then, as I pulled into Ann Arbor and was on the phone with my hostess for my stay, my car began chugging along VERY sluggishly (as if it were running out of gas) and I limped it over to the side of the road, to a parking space. I called AAA, they sent a really nice guy out who put some gas in it (in the hopes that my gas gauge was wacky and I really didn't have 1/4 tank of gas...) but both of us realized that there must be something wrong with how the fuel is getting to the engine.

I'm crossing my fingers that it's a loose hose (everyone out there, if you believe in good PT Cruiser Faries, clap your hands!) or that if it's more serious it will be covered under our warranty. Right now it sits in a local Chrysler dealership and it's yet another saga in Annie's Bogus Michigan Auto Adventure (watch for the movie, Warner Bros is interested in optioning it!)

But every Devil Day has a silver lining, and mine was the wonderful knitting group that I met at Zingerman's Deli, where I had a delicious turkey sandwich and a lot of laughs with a lovely group of knitters. Good times! There's nothing like a good group of loud and wacky knitters to put any day in perspective. Thanks, Lisa, for making a sucky day less sucky.

Six six six indeed.
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Souvenirs I Leave Behind

Everyplace I go I tend to forget something. Whether this is because I want to return, or because I'm just a scatterbrain is up for debate. In Ohio I left my steamer (got it back yesterday from Cynthia - yay!) In Dearborn I left my little zipper case of computer accessories, which includes my cable that allows me to download photos from my camera to my computer. Since I'll be passing back that way this week, I feel certain I'll be able to claim it, but ENOUGH ALREADY!

Working backwards from this weekend, we had a SENSATIONAL time up in Mackinaw City and on Mackinac Island!! We lucked out with the weather - just gorgeous - and Gerry and the kids ran themselves ragged walking / riding / biking around the island while I taught on Saturday. My classes were wonderful - small but full of excellent knitters with so much soul and spirit! We had a wonderful time, I almost felt as though I were on vacation while I was teaching. Thank you to everyone in the class - and especially to Cynthia - for making my first visit up to this area such a wonderful and special one.

In my non-teaching time we explored Mack Island. It's a wonder, and just lovely. I'd show you pictures, but - well - no cable.

When I was a kid I used to love the Gene Stratton Porter books, especially A Girl Of The Limberlost. It takes place in the Limberlost Swamp in Wisconsin, but there are some scenes at Mackinac Island. I always wanted to visit - and now I have - and now I love it! I may even stay over there tomorrow night if I can swing it!

Our time at Greeenfield Village / Henry Ford was really fun, too! It was a lot of walking, and Hannah did a LOT of complaining (she's nearing the age where she knows everything, especially what we SHOULD have done to make the day better...) and that got to me more than I expected it to. I'd better fasten my seat belts, it's going to be a LONG ten years.

Max, naturally, loved the train the best. I think we all loved it, actually. Hannah loved the Model-T cars and the horse drawn omnibus, I enjoyed the craftsman area and would have liked to have spent more time there (and maybe bought some earrings...?)

We didn't spend as much time at the Henry Ford as we would have liked, the day seemed SO short, but we did become members on the hope that some time in the next year we'll be back in the area and will be able to spend more time here. What a great place for the kids to learn about history in a hands on way. Here's Hannah on the bus that Rosa Park was riding when she refused to give up her seat - it felt amazing to sit and watch the people get on and off, to see their faces registering the fact that this happened less than 60 years ago.

All of the folk we met at the village were so fabulous - helpful and fun and great with the kids! It was a big school day (every day is a big school day) but this was especially busy according to the staff we talked with.

But now the kids, the husband and the dog have gone. I spoke with them after class today and they were past Cleveland, making excellent time. I miss them so much. We had a wonderful time, too bad it had to be so short! I swear Atticus was ready to start his own fan club - everywhere we went, on the island and off, everyone was in love with him and wanted to pet or stroke him. He'd just been groomed so he was quite breathtaking - and he's a very friendly and well-behaved dog, so he lapped up the attention. Gerry had the brainstorm that maybe we should hold the first annual Men Who Knit And The Dogs Who Love Them retreat (for men and dogs) at Mackinac Island - hmmmm, excellent idea!
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