Unedited Comments from TKGA Class Attendees

Technique Sampler Bag

• Great!
• I enjoyed this class very much. I learned a lot. I was also entertaining. I will look for her next year.
• Great workshop! Thanks.
• Great class. I learned a lot and I love the little bag.
• Teacher had a favorite student that she praised relentlessly and a student that she was obviously irritated by, which made many of us feel very uncomfortable.

Combination Knitting
• I learned some knitting and I was very anxious about that. A lot of patience. Supportive teacher. Thanks.
• I came this weekend specifically for this class.
• I learned how to purl into a stitch going the “wrong” way. I didn’t know “combination,” but I do and it works.
• Very visual – easy to see. Excellent instructor and wealth of knowledge.
• Very knowledgeable instructor. Excellent class.
• Very fun class.
• Thanks for a great class – great tips and tricks.

Increases & Decreases
• Fabulous – learned lots of new things.
• Confusing presentation.
• Great sense of humor and knowledge. Willing to share.
• MI stitches would be easier to understand if more directions in booklet.
Once I got it – it was great!

• Annie Rocks!
• Annie made this class very fun.
• Great class.
• Wonderful techniques. Enthusiastic teacher with obvious passion for teaching and knitting!
• Fantastic!

Toe Up Socks
• She talked a lot about herself. Sample we knitted was not well thought out.
• Thanks, Annie! Great class!
• Nice philosophy on knitting and life. Good techniques.
• Annie is fun and amusing – yet gets her point across clearly. I enjoyed her class very much.