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Cheaper Than Therapy
Joy, healing & life lessons in fiber

Publication Date - 9/3/2005
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Cheaper Than Therapy
Joy, healing & life lessons in fiber


ISBN 0-9754219-8-0

Annie Modesitt

Evelyn Bourne-Gould, Alice H. Boxer, holly christmas, Nancy Duffy, Miriam Felton, LeAnne Frank, Kate Giali, Amie Glasgow, Regina Gonzalez, Anne Marie Gunther, Marie Harriman, Catherine Kittrell, Marta Kosh,
Gail Lucas, Ellen R Margulies, Francine Marrs,
Minnie McKain, Kate McKiernan,
Mary Anne Mitchell, Carie Morrison, Janice Farrell Pea, Grace Peng, Dawn Penny, Laurie Perry, Amy Pezzoni, Amy Polcyn, Elizabeth Rees, Amy Ripton,
Holly Scalera, Melissa Shaw

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ModeKnit Press
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South Orange, NJ 07079

Pub Date
September 3, 2005

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Book Size
120 pgs
5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

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Annie Modesitt


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I have all the essays for this edition of Cheaper Than Therapy, but I will be accepting submissions for a possible future edition! Please email me with your submissions. Include the piece IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, not as an attached document.