My Mystical, Magical Day
By Hannah Landy

You know when you first wake up and everything is really fuzzy, and you’re not quite sure where you are?  When I woke up that day, I had no idea where I was.

I seemed to be looking down on Paris.  I sat up and found myself on a cloud with only open space beneath me.  My hair spun around my head as an airplane whizzed by.

As watch it fly away, happy that I wasn’t afraid of heights, I realized the only way off this cloud was to zoom into the distance like the plane.  I leaped off the side of the cloud as if I was jumping from a diving board, the air racing around me.

I wasn’t really afraid, I had a feeling that if a cloud could hold my weight, which water isn’t supposed to be able to, then I’d be able to fly.

Sure enough a great pair of wings opened from my back and lifted me up. I bet anybody in Paris would have dropped their escargot if they’d seen me.  But I was so high up I probably appeared as a mere bird.  Taking in my surroundings I resolved to stay calm.

Blue clouds dotted the sky,  spelling out ‘Bonjour Adventurer.’  The sky was a surprisingly light shade of yellow-orange. The sun was a blazing white sparkle in the sky, rippling like the surface of a pond.   Below a river flowed deep red, gleaming like gems and blood.

 “I think this is a very different world...” I murmured to myself, a habit I should soon stop.  “I just wish I was home...” a loud Pop sounded and I was back in what appeared to be my room. On my desk a book was opened to a hand written note.

To the dreamer,
You may have found yourself in a world quite different than your own.   We would like to explain.  

You are in a world where any wish you make, such as ‘I wish I had food’ or a necessary, unspoken wish will be granted.   Also, if you are in need of something like shelter, or just want something, then you will get it.  This is a truly amazing thing, use it wisely.

You must make a certain number of wishes to return home.  We would also like you to know that anything you do in this world will be forgotten as soon as you leave.  Choose a new name and new appearance in case a mistake is made and somebody remembers who you are, or finds their way to your world, which is highly unlikely.

Please take this book with you because it might come in handy at some point in time.

A Friend

Since I had to choose a new appearance, I decided to wish I looked like my friend Erin.  Erin was a tall, thin, narrow girl with brown eyes and straight, dirty-blonde hair.  She was one of my best friends in New Jersey, where I used to live.

Out the window I saw police cars everywhere, garbage and trash cans in the street.  The sound of sirens blared into the room.  This neighborhood didn’t seen very friendly, I should wear something that wouldn’t make me stand out.  Deep, dark blue jeans, a brown cutoff shirt, and a long, black trench coat would do just fine.

Like the boys in my class who don’t much care about hallway rules and run down the stairs, shoving each other and sliding down the rails,  I rushed down the old, weathered, wooden stairs of the house and continued running through to the world outside.

The air wasn’t fresh, it was smoky-smelling and the sirens were louder then ever.  I reached into my pocket, thinking ‘cell phone’, and instantly felt one in my hand.  And it was already dialing a cab.  In no time a taxi was hurtling around the corner being driven by... my brother?!

Now, I should know best that my 10-year old brother can’t drive a car.  He can’t even drive the car game at the ice cream parlor we go to.  But sure enough there he was, driving the taxi.  I realized that even if this was a different world, he was still, Maxie in a Taxi, as my mom used to call him.

He pulled up in front of the house and I jumped into the cab.  Wow, Max had his hair cut super short, and it didn’t look very good.  And he was kind of fat.  And he was smoking.  Gee he was kind of like a creepy old guy except not so old. He turned around in his seat and said between puffs of smoke.

“Hey babe, where to? Its sixty-five cents a mile and I only accept cash so make sure you’ve got plenty in your wallet.”  His voice was really gruff and his face has a few scratches and was reddish.  He turned back around, waiting for my answer.

Where to?  On impulse I said, “A good hotel.” He started the car and I wondered how he would see out the front window before realizing that this car was smaller then our cars at home.  As we slowed I realized, “I have nothing to pay my brother with!”

“I wish I had a wallet full of hundreds in my pocket right now.” I whispered into my hand, which was now propped on my knee. Max didn’t seem to notice in the least so I poked my hand into my pocked and.. no money.  I almost fainted, how was I going to pay!?

I sat up and stuck my other hand into my other pocket.. and pulled out a wallet! Just as I did Max stopped the car. He turned around once again (shouldn’t he be tired of doing that by now?) and reached his hand out.

 “That’ll be $26.89 please.” It didn’t feel as though we’d gone 40 miles.  I handed him a hundred, “Keep the change!“  Maybe he’d be able to get a tank of gas with that much money these days. He looked down at the money, shocked. Then he did a full-on inspection of it, looking at both sides, checking underneath, he even licked it!  When he was satisfied it was real he motioned for me to get out.

A truck roared by, a bus honked, and suddenly all the noise in this world was driving me nuts! I was exhausted and hungry and wanted to be home.  My real home, not the weird-world one.

I took out the book and looked at it.  I realized that the person who wrote the note might be able to send me back.  An idea popped into my head,  “I wish to meet the person who sent me this book” Everything went very cold.  I felt like I was in a freezer, but there was no way to open the door and get out.

An icy wind blew past me toward a light.  I followed the breeze.  The temperature changed, warming, and I gradually found myself in my own room.  I hurried over to the window to discover my normal world outside - the one I was used to.

A voice made me turn around,  “Well I see you’ve found yourself back a little early by my watch.” It was my voice, and when I turned I saw myself looking at me! No, it wasn’t me, it couldn’t be because I was me! Right?  Then fake-me giggled.

 “Ok, well, I’ll go now because I hate questions! Wake up soon, bye!”

Fake-me disappeared, and I felt my mom shaking me.

“Time for school! Time for school!  You’ve got to hand that report in for Breakthrough! Don't  you dare be late or else you might not get in!” I sat up and yawned loudly, hopping out of bed.

Maybe it was only a dream, but it felt so real.  I only regret never getting to know that person who looked like me.  And what happened to my wings?