Mode Knit
Hand Knitting Services

Sketch & Design Interpretation
Allow me to create a knitting schematic (pattern)
of your design as a starting point to discuss the
finer details of the project.

Stitch Consultation
If you're trying to find a specific lace stitch, cable
or fair isle pattern to enhance your design I will
work with you to create the look you desire.

Yarn Recommendations
I'll be happy to suggest a variety of yarns that will
work well with your design and will also
provide the durability necessary for
costume pieces.

Rush Orders / Knitting Time
Rush orders will be determined on a project
by project basis. A general rule of thumb when
determining the time to complete a sweater project is this;
It generally takes 2 weeks for a medium sized man's
sweater with a moderate amount of detail and little
or no colorwork.
I can accommodate almost all rush
orders - let me know what your deadline is and I'll
find a way to deliver your beautiful sweater
with time to spare!

Bidding Process
Either send me a copy of your design sketch or
email me a .jpg or .gif file and I will be happy
to provide a preliminary bid promptly.
The bid will include a measured schematic of the piece.
Click here to see a sample bid

The Fine Print: A bid includes one fitting plus any reasonable alterations determined to be necessary to provide a fit as portrayed in the supplied sketch. Additional fittings to finalize these alterations are also included. This bid is based on the sketch supplied and is subject to change if significant elements of the design are amended.

Email me with queries or for pricing information.
I can provide a bid via email upon
receipt of a .jpg or .gif image of the design.