Combined Knitting Picking Up Stitches

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A good rule of thumb for figuring how many stitches to pick up is to divide the rows per inch by the stitches per inch (rpi/spi = x). Pick up 1 stitch along the edge of the piece for every x rows. For example, if the gauge is 3 spi and 6 rpi = 1", divide 6 by 3 to get 2. You would pick up 1 stitch along the edge of the piece for every 2 rows. When picking up stitches along a curved neck edge a few more stitches will be required to be picked up to give a graceful curve to the work.

Step 1:
Insert needle into edge of right side of knitted piece, 1 stitch from the edge.

Step 2:
Wrap the yarn around the tip of the needle and pull back through the stitch, creating a loop on the right hand needle (figure 1). Work along the edge until the necessary number of stitches are picked up.


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