Combined Knitting Seams - Row to Row


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This is a grea technique for joining the front and back of a sweater at the sides, or two pieces that are joined along the row edge.

Step 1:
Lay the two pieces to be joined (piece A & piece B) edge to edge and line up the stitches so that each row on piece A corresponds to a row on piece B. Using a darning needle pull the yarn from the back of piece A through the center of the first stitch in the row at the edge of the piece. On piece B, insert the needle into the center of the first stitchi n the first row (figure 1) and pull the needle out from the center of the first stitch in the second row.

Step 2:
Return the needle to the piece A and insert into the center of the first stitch in the second row, echoing what you have just done on piece B (figure 2).

Step 3:
Repeat step 1 working all the way down the edge of the pieces until the two pieces are joined (figure 3).

Even when using a contrasting color to demonstrate this technique the seam is virtually invisible (figure 4).


©2003 Annie Modesitt